men like toned women

Men love women with toned, and athletic or slender bodies.  Most women, especially those that are older, have at least some cellulite on their bodies.  If you don’t get to the gym 24/7 you’re likely to have some cellulite jello on your legs or your behind region.  Although men claim to be tolerant of cellulite and loose flab, when interviewed they will always admit that they really like toned bodies better.

Men prefer toned bodies over cellulite

Men don’t like cellulite but as long as they value the woman, not the thighs, boyfriends and husbands are pretty tolerant of this feature.  If the woman he loves has some cellulite he probably won’t be too critical.  Keep in mind however, that a man would like his woman to look somewhat like she did when they originally got together.  A sudden unexplained weight gain or drastic change in one’s looks or efforts could cause problems.  But in general, husbands and boyfriends are both pretty tolerant of how their women look as long as she takes good care of herself.

Single men are the pickiest

It’s only when a break-up occurs that a man might make comments that his ex had cellulite and talk of finding a woman with a toned body.  No matter how much you try to hide it, too much cellulite is just not attractive.  A little bit of jiggle is fine.  And that’s the thing about men and Internet dating in this day and age.  The men are out their looking for their ideal woman.  They aren’t the husband who is more tolerant of cellulite especially if it came after childbirth.  They want to date a toned, athletic woman who takes good care of herself from the get-go.

It’s mainly the single guy that you have to worry about because he is clicking boxes on the Internet at random.  If he has 2000 choices to click in his city he is probably going to select those that are athletic or slender, not average or large.  It’s the unfortunate thing about Internet dating is that so much relies on first appearances.  It would be the same as a woman not choosing someone because of hair loss or small stature.  There are tons of people to choose from online so people reach for the stars and narrow the search constaints to desired traits.  If you don’t take care of your body you could be missing opportunities and passed over.

Men are extremely visual and notice your body

The fact is, men are really, really turned on by physical things.  They are biologically driven to be both visual and physical and they have different likes and dislikes when it comes to looks.  I’ve talked to men that admit they critique a woman’s body far more than she may realize.  Skinny and athletic usually wins, although a bit of jiggle is sexy and feminine too.  If a man sees his woman taking care of herself then he is going to be way less critical of her flaws.  If on the other hand, he sees her permanently planted on the couch eating bon nons he will be more critical because she is not even trying.  If you want to get a grip on the cellulite, make an effort, and just get moving a few times a week!  Being active will shape your body better naturally.

What women can do to fight cellulite and be more toned

Instead of worrying about your cellulite the key is to focus on the positives and just work out! If you have cellulite, you have it and just have to deal with it because sometimes it is caused by just your gender and heredity.  Cellulite is caused by fat deposits just below the skins surface that gives a dimpled and unattractive orange peel appearance. If you have cellulite it is important to take a close look at your dietary habits.  Avoid too much salt and carbs in the diet and try to eat more fiber instead.

Men like toned women.  The number one way to improve your tone, is to work out. This improves your muscle tone underlying the entire area of the cellulute and visually reduces the overall appearance of the cellulite that men hate.

Exercise for a toned body that men love

You have to exercise and maintain good muscle tone and circulation.  Building muscle and developing a more athletic body will lesson the effect of the cellulite. You can see huge improvements if you just join an exercise program and stick to it. If you aren’t into the gym routine, try a bike riding club, classes or consistently do regular outdoor exercise or join fun sports classes to fight the jiggle.

Try a treatment for the cellulite

Over the counter treatments and creams are somewhat ineffective but you could get liposuction to target pockets of fat that sit deep below the skins surface.   Just be careful of liposuction because removal of fat can leave skin looser than ever and with less surface area to drape over.  Expensive laser treatments specialized for cellulite reduction can also target fat cells and shrink them down. If you do laser treatments regularly it can improve the appearance of cellulite but basic exercise is cheaper and will do the job just as well.

Men like toned women with toned bodies there is no doubt about it. To increase your physical seductive appeal, try to reduce the cellulite down to a friendly jiggle by exercising and moving away from a sedentary lifestyle.  Total jello is not good for your health much less for seducing a man. Get to a gym and start exercising doing something you really love. It does not have to be boot-camp torture,  just something that gets you out and tones the body. Not only will you feel better about your body, you may meet new people while being out and about.

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