Do you want to know What men like to see women wear?  Men like clothes that fit the body well.  Sweats are fine as long as they meet this criteria of a nice fit.  If you want to know what men don’t want to see women wear it’s baggy frumpy sweatpants.  Have you ever ran to the gym in your baggy sweatpants and been mortified when you ran across Mr. Hot? Don’t do it! Men absolutely hate seeing women wear baggy frumpy sweatpants. If you have those old comfortable sweats retire then for your sick days when no man is in sight. For days out in public, you’ve got to go shopping for new sweatpants!  What men like to see women wear is clothes that fit her body nicely.

What men like to see women wear

Contrary to popular belief, men love sweatpants on women! It’s the baggy ones that just hide your femininity that they hate. As long as your sweats are well fitted and form nicely to your body, men are find with it. In fact, that natural run around look of tank top, sweats and hair tossed carelessly into a ponytail is a classic beauty look that men love.

Look for stretchy and comfortable yet form fitting sweat pants. Yoga pants look wonderful. If you’re looking for a track outfit make sure that the color is nice and again, that the fit is good. If you carry extra weight, you can opt for a darker color such as black, gray or navy blue. Women tend to hang on to the same sweats for years on end. Don’t forget to retire old sweats once they develop stains and too much wear and tear. A thicker fabric with some stretch to it will hide figure flaws and panty lines. If you need to shape your body and keep bulges in tact go for a nice Lycra quality fabric.

Stores like Gilly Hicks, Victoria’s Secret Pink and the nice department stores like Nordstroms will give you ideas for nice sweats. It can be more comfortable to get loose fleece sweats instead of spandex ones for lounging around the house. Men won’t mind it that you want to feel comfortable but they will appreciate something that looks relatively new and clean. Try a pair of VS sweats or Juicy Couture and wear a tank top to match.

Clothing that is well adjusted to the figure is a major turn on for men so always check the fit carefully including the rear view, before you buy. When in doubt get a nice quality black yoga pant. Yoga pants are usually stretchy and comfy but they hug the figure just right. Avoid saggy and baggy sweats and convert to form fitted. If you look polished, simply classy, and like you’re interested in staying shape you’ll look amazing to men.  Remember, men love to see women wear sweatpants as long as they are nice fitting.

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