If you want to attract your man (or every man in the room) and make him unable to take his eyes off of you, consider investing in some brand new sexy tops.  Look at stores like Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s for sexy top ideas.  Execute a new fashion plan, to wear something unique, stunning, different.  Something that will make men just unable take thier eyes off of you.  A sexy top.

Sexy tops

Try one shoulder tops, off the shoulder, sequins, lace or soft silky and touchable material.  Look for special detailing that sets your sexy top apart from all others be it the color, style, or hint of sex appeal.  For example, the key hole top shown accentuates her gorgeous cleavage and completelely tantalizes while still leaving plenty to the imagination.  This is the type of peek-a-boo look that men adore.

Have you ever seen that women who just looks like a knock out and it appears as though it comes naturally to her to dress to kill?  It does not come naturally to her.  Trust me, she puts quite a bit of time and effort into choosing her clothes, shopping and putting those stunning outfits together.  You can emulate that knockout woman with just a little investment of your time.  Go above and beyond what you normally do to look good and you are sure to see a result for your efforts.

To keep it classy, stick to solid colors and vibrant hues such as plum, bronze, gold, burgundy, emerald, silver, black, blue, white, red.  Try scoop necks, off the shoulder, sparkling sequins, cleavage tops, halter tops, crop tops, body hugging tunics, flowing material, and all sorts of styles.  Do you look better in form fitting tops or flowing ethereal soft tops?  Try on sexy tops in different colors and styles.  Embellished, cowl neck, open back, strings, sequins, halter, lace up ties, cut out backs.  Don’t always opt for the boring top that doesn’t stand out.  Get a little chutzpah and pop into your look and you are sure to become a total man magnet.

Another hint is that men don’t know where you got that sexy top.  They can’t tell the different between JC Penny and Nordstrom.  As long as the color and style complement your complexion and the overall look stays classy, you can pull this look off shopping anywhere.  For sexy ideas and styles try browing Victoria’s Secret online catalog.  They always have the coolest cut outs and sexy tops in their clothes section.  Another bonus of sexy tops is that if you are overweight it means hooray don’t have to wear a dress or skirt.  Pair your sexy top with dark blue, gray or black jeans and a pair of high heels for a super slenderizing effect.

Sexy tops

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