It is no secret that men are attracted to form fitting clothes.  Form fitting clothes entice a mans mind and attracts him.  You have to have the right mindset when choosing the right form fitting clothes.  Bear in mind the occasion and what you will wear. 

Form fitting clothes should be still be tasteful but very sexy.  You needn’t expose too much skin, it is more the figure hugging fabric that creates the allure.  You want to have a soft hugging fabric that accentuates your woman’s curves.  The idea is to show the body lines under the clothes.  Mentally, a man won’t be able to stop himself from wondering what lies beneath.

Tight fitting jeans or leggings are always a great choice for form fitting clothes.  They show covers but conceal flaws which is perfect for the woman who wants to look hot.   You can have flawed legs, lack of a tan, jiggle or cellulite, and even stray body hair, none of which will show in the jeans or leggings.  Snug jeans or stretch pants or even pleather, leather and latex can be playful and fun.  These clothes work like a girdle by hugging in your bulges to show the best curves.

This gorgeous photograph shows a beautiful woman going all out, above and beyond, in beautiful form fitting clothes.  She is going edgy, modern and incredibly sexy with some spandex/rubber coupled with very high heels.  Strappy sexy sandals work great in the summer and sexy high rising boots up the attraction factor in the cold winter months.  An over the top outfit will show a man that you are able to let go and have fun and be in a feminine spirit.  Men just love a fun-spirited, flirtatious and playful character trait in women.

Though not appropriate for everyday life obviously, the idea that this sexy outfit conveys is that you can go above and beyond.  Go all out.  All women enjoy being and looking attractive so as to stand out, but sometimes it is fun to go over the top and really impress your man.  Is he taking you out for an expensive dinner or date?  Be prepared to pull out all the stops, suck it in and make your feet hurt.  Even if it is for a Halloween or a fun dress up party, it is memorable to a man to have his woman really go all out for him. 

Form fitting clothes

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