sweet-womanMen love sweet women.  A sweet woman smiles, laughs, and has a loving disposition. She cares about people and things, not just herself. She has love in her heart and is thoughtful. In this economy and hard times, a woman who can smile and act loving and kind is worth her weight in gold in a mans eyes.

Even though some books claim that men like sassy, confrontational or bitchy women, they usually only mean this connotation in the sense of her having the ability to stand up for herself.  You can be sweet and still stand up for yourself.  Sweet women are very attractive as a man wants someone that is loving even when the going gets rough.  Men know that a sweet woman won’t turn their back on him.

Score points by being sweet because men love sweet women

Sweetness will always score points with your man.  Most men want a woman who is kind but will be able to diplomatically stand up for herself if necessary.  Stand by who you are and what you believe in.  If someone treats you disrespectfully then show them you will not tolerate such behavior by walking away rather than engaging in rude raucous verbal exchanges.

A kind person makes a man feel good about himself and engenders love.  You can be sweet and still stand up for yourself and be respected.  Women who are sweet treat their men well and often get love and respect in return.  Some acts of sweetness include cooking for your man every so often, making him an affectionate homemade note, telling him how much he means to you, whispering something nice in his ear, saying his name out loud while being affectionate, or surprising him with a romantic evening.

Melt his heart by being sweet because men love sweet women

A woman that loves people, animals, and causes has a sweet heart and believes in good will.  A man recognizes sweetness in the way she acts and even the way she dresses. You can convey a sweet persona mainly with your personality. A bubbly girl with a smile is sweet. You can adopt a sweet fashion look by dressing neatly with a feminine touch to your outfit choices.

If a woman has a pet she adores a man will like this.   If she takes care of people he will like this.  You’ve heard that men love nurses and the reason is they are sweet, patient and nurturing.  If you have a cause that you believe in that helps people men will respect that as well. Men adore women that are soft-spoken and sweet in nature. Yelling is a turn off and sweet women don’t yell they keep their cool and have calmer discussions instead.

If you want to win your mans heart be sure to show your sweet and kind side.  Whether it be your love for animals, a charitable cause, or people in need, a man will be melted by feminine love.  It’s true that men want a challenge and sometimes they don’t mind sassy.  But in the end if you don’t have a sweet side to your personality you will never be able to keep your man long term.

You can stand up for what you believe in and still be a sweet woman by remaining diplomatic and calm during arguments

If you want to have irresistible charm be sure to develop your sweet side.  Especially when arguing or having issues, men look closely at how a woman behaves. If you can remain calm, cool and collected during a problem your man will view you as sweet even if you are not agreeing with him. A hysterical, angry woman is the furthest thing from sweet. A woman that can stay calm and have discussions however, is sweet.

Develop worthy interests that show off your caring and sweet side to a man

A love of animals, charity or a cause that matters makes you more attractive to a man.  A sweet woman knows how to enjoy herself and put troubles aside.  Men are drawn to sweet women and repelled away by classless rude women.  You can be sweet, while still standing up for your beliefs.  If you stand up for what you believe in and have a sweet disposition, then you reign supreme with men.

Men love sweet woman

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