A relationship with no trust is like a cell phone with no service. All you can do is play games

Trust is one of the most important ingredients in a romantic relationship. Trust and love go hand in hand. Even if you love someone or are attracted to them, if you cannot trust them your relationship will suffer and you will suffer.

If you meet a romantic interest you want an open heart and this is a good thing however be protective of your heart. Make this person slowly gain your trust so that you feel safe with your emotions and possessions. By taking time to get to know someone you can help ensure that your heart is kept safe, protected and cherished by this person.

Protect your heart by having strong boundaries about behavior you will and will not accept in a relationship

Protect your heart by having strong boundaries. If a person does an untrustworthy act one time it may warrant your forgiveness. If a person does an untrustworthy act a second time it may warrant your concern. Yet if a person violates your trust a third time you may want to retreat from the relationship and protect your heart.

Having strong boundaries over what behavior you will and will not tolerate within a relationship will help you protect your heart. If a man knows that you will leave if he violates your trust he will be more cautious about respecting your boundaries. Never give the key to your heart freely. Get to know a partner and make sure that they are worthy of gaining your trust and act in a manner such that they continue to deserve your trust.

Empathy is wonderful unless your partner begins to take advantage of your compassion and forgiveness

Empathy is a wonderful trait as is forgiveness. However, don’t give these gifts to someone who does not deserve them. As such a person will repeatedly violate trust by lying, cheating or even stealing. They may be manipulative and count on your forgiveness to resolve such violations rather than hold themselves accountable for their own behavior. Trust is the glue in a relationship. You shouldn’t have to worry about what he is doing or where he is or what his activities are. A man who repeatedly lets and then tries a pity play or makes you feel scared he will leave you so that you forgive him, may not be capable of changing.

Trust your intuition, trust your gut, trust your instincts

If you find yourself worrying about whether you can trust him, then he may be behaving in such a way that is a cause for concern. Your insecurity does not fall out of the sky and usually doess have a basis in reality. If you feel that he is not trust worthy this is an important red flag never to be ignored. Once your romantic interest has broken your trust you should take protective measures and step back from the relationship. No trust does equal no relationship.

Trust is the foundation for love and respect. If your love interest has violated your trust several times you might want to take steps to protect your heart. Consider leaving the relationship as self respect will be damaged if you continue to engage with an untrustworthy partner. Without trust your relationship will quickly become all about games. Secrets, deception and betrayal will soon take over and tarnish the relationship.

When trust is lost in a relationship you will notice more mind games ensue

Mind games, silent treatment, fighting, arguing, disappearing and many negative behaviors stem from a basic loss of trust or lack of trust in the relationship. When a relationship becomes all about games and behaviors to make the other person feel needy, insecure or miss you, it is a relationship about game playing, not about love and respect.

Never overlook trust issues they should be discussed and if the issue continues consider opting out. The one thing you should always trust is your intuition. Acknowledge red flags and address them rather than ignore them. Strong boundaries and a willingness to confront issues will help protect your self interests in a relationship. Never lose yourself.

Why trust is essential to any successful love relationship

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