Men love confident women and there are many reasons why.  A confident woman is able to express herself better without having to be rude, vindictive, or domineering.  Nothing says attractive more than a woman who knows what she wants and can stand up for herself.

A confident woman has her own goals and she knows how to focus on her goals without letting her success get to her head.  She is not ruthless, just driven.  Men love it when women know what they want and are not wish-washy.  A confident woman has an opinion.  If you ask her where she wants to get a bite to eat, she will name off her favorite places.  She won’t be the one to say, you choose I don’t know.

A confident woman is going to have very good boundaries in relationships.  A confident woman would leave a man before getting caught up in petty jealousy.  A confident woman knows that jealousy is not love.  Insecure women are so jealous and insecure in relationships that they can ruin the relationship because of it.  A confident woman does not fall for this.  She feels that she is the prize and will leave a man that doesn’t respect her.

A confident woman is going to be more vocal about what she wants and needs to keep her happy.  This translates to the bedroom which is something men love.  She can communicate to her partner what she needs to feel good and she is not embarrassed about her body.  This is a turn on and can make her into a better lover for a man.

Confident women tend to have a self-assured positive aura around them.  As you can see by the beautiful photo example, confident women are naturals in social situations.  A confident woman can light up a room with her personality.  A confident women will be passionate about her beliefs.  She will always have activities and causes she believes in.  When she has her own passion, she has her own life.  Men don’t want to feel like they are the end all be all to a woman.  A woman who has her own passions and interests is attractive.  She also knows how to stand up for what she believes in.

A confident woman is not a pushover.  She thinks before she says yes, and she knows how and when to say no.  Of course, no can be like catnip to men.  Men don’t always want to get their way.  They love a woman who is a puzzle and a mystery.  He will work to figure her out and to please her.  He will know that poor treatment is unacceptable therefore he is far less likely to treat her poorly.  Women get treated as good as they demand to be treated.  A confident woman knows her limits and she will decline invitations that do not make her feel completely comfortable. 

Men love confident women because they do not just take, take, take.  They pay attention to what is going on and when a man shows that he cares, a confident woman will willingly reciprocate good behavior.  If a man treats her well, a confident woman will treat him well in return.  She will take note when he goes out of his way or puts her as a priority and she will return such gestures in kind.

Men love confident women because they really know who they are.  Honesty is always appreciated and when a woman is honest, men love that.  They don’t want to have to guess if what they are doing is right.  Men don’t want to have to figure out a woman or read her mind.  When a woman is confident a man is going to get to know the real her and not someone that she thinks she needs to be.  He is going to be more secure with her because he will know her and not be surprised by some secret personality he has never seen before.  A man does not want to be duped by a woman.  He wants to feel like he really knows her, not a phony version of her.

Confident women are quite inspiring.  No matter what they are doing in life, they believe in it.  The are strong, mature, and passionate.  A confident woman is interested in achieving her goals and there is nothing sexier.  Men love confident women.  If you want to attract men then you need to work on being happy with yourself and becoming more confident with where you are in life and who you are in life.  Once you establish true confidence you will attract men to you like crazy.

Men like confident women

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