Do you want to be able to draw men in, have more men to choose from in dating, and be more confident around men?  Women assume that it is all about being hot and physical traits that attract men.  This is true that being beautiful will attract more men.  However, a hot woman will still fail in her relationships if she does not know how to attract a man on a deeper level than just with her looks.

Attraction is not just about the surface level looks.  Traits that make you uniquely feminine also include being delicately beautiful, being genuine, being compassionate, being sexy, being magnetic, and being your authentic self.  All of these traits contribute to something more important than pure looks.  They create an overall vibe and feminine energy.  This is what men get attracted to and seek out in relationships.  A women with an inherent energy and attractiveness draws men in.

Smile to attract men

If you want to develop that feminine energy there is quite an easy way to do that.  Smile!  When you use eye contact, and smile radiantly, a man views you as being in a wonderful mood and being high energy.  This is so seductive to men.  They won’t just be drawn in, they will be mesmerized.  When you exude a positive energy and zest for life it makes you attractive.

Smiling says you are in a general state of happiness, and that is attractive.  When you are happy you aren’t acting out of fear, nervousness or insecurity.  You are the best you, and men will be drawn to you.  When you are happy you are more open and real.  When you smile for real, you aren’t hiding the real you or worried about trying to be someone you are not.  You’re just happy and it beams out and shows.  Remember that your happiness must be genuine so this involves creating situations in your life that make you joyful.  It means learning how to handle stress.  It means finding and nurturing your passions.  It means accepting how you are and embracing it.

Men love women who are upbeat and happy.  When you are in a state of happiness and high energy it rubs off on men.  Your happiness rubs off.  They are going to want to be part of that.  Men hate to feel unappreciated, criticized and ignored.  When you are happy you give off an accepting energy, rather than a critical or questioning energy.  Men love this, so smile!  Find activities you enjoy and get into doing things in your own life that make you smile and laugh.  If you’ve been burned in the past it is time to let that go and move on to a better place where you enjoy life to the fullest.  A happy woman who enjoys life to the fullest will never have a problem attracting men.  Attract men with a smile.

Attract men with a smile

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