Ladies please know that men are not aware of all the latest fashion and designer labels. Fashion has very little meaning to most men. What they notice when they see a woman is someone who is confident, self-assured, and comfortable with herself. In fact, some men do not like the look of a high maintenance women. This is a women they admire from afar but not one that want as a girlfriend.

Easy style

Girlfriend material means being totally comfortable with yourself. That means having a casual and confident sense of style. See photograph for adorable girl who embraces her natural beauty. She has her own sense of style for sure with the spiked jewelry and casual tye-dye t-shirt. A little bit of lipstick, black mascara, and black eyelines give her a flirty edge.  She can relax in the park with her boyfriend and make him feel comfortable.

Natural beauty attracts men

Men love a woman that they can feel at ease with. She can tool around town with him, flop at the park, throw on flip flops and a tank top to go get something to eat. This is attractive to men. Women don’t realize that they can be extremely attractive to men simple by embracing their own natural beauty. If you have curly hair, embrace that and go curly. If you have pale skin, flaunt it. Freckles? No problem.

Natural beauty is always attracted to men. Stop trying to chance your body parts, skin color, or hair texture. Stop trying to dress to kill. Instead become your most beautiful healthy self. Dress casual, get exercise, eat an organic healthy diet. A relaxed look and a healthy approach to beauty is so attractive to men. This is a wholesome look and one that men appreciate in a girlfriend.

Natural beauty

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