Direct his attention with a one of a kind outfit that sizzles!  This isn’t for everyday, yet trust me the girl who can pull out all the stops for an event or party reigns supreme with men.  This is girly, feminine and sizzling hot!  The key is to don some glamour makeup, and a unique dress that has a satiny fabric or dazzling colorful, even abstract print.  This wonderful photograph I stumbled on to shows a fab glam look. 

Glamour makeup

Glamour makeup is going to include sultry smoky eyes.  To get this look you are going to want to keep all of the rest of your makeup very neutral so that your skin looks like a canvas.  use concealer and foundation, top with a bronzer.  Keep lips a bit nude so that the eyes rather than the lips are the draw.  Try a pink shimmer color with lip blam or gloss over lips.

For eyes you are going to go smoky.  Use browns and bronzes for shadow, and pencil or shade in brows in a luxurious brown color.  The main punch is going to be big, high volume thick eyelashes, and eye liner to accentuate eyes even more.  For lashes try 2-3 coats of quality mascara.  The mascara should be new.  Try lash lengthening mascara or volume enhancing.  The key is to apply one coat first and wait 10-20 seconds.  Apply a second coat of volume mascara and be sure to start at the base and wiggle twirl the mascara brush gently as you apply from base to end of lashes.  Wait a few seconds and then apply a clean third coat with lengthening mascara.  Alternatively, try false eyelashes. Use deep blue or jet black eyeliner along the top outer edge of the eye and extend out slightly for a cat-eye effect.  Then line the lower inner rim as well.

Glamour accessories

Make your outfit go above and beyond by ramping up the accessories.  For example, you could try a very sexy hat, a hairstyle with luxurious curls, or long dropping sexy earings.  Another way to look glam is to have a little evening bag or clutch rather than your normal everyday purse.  These little things you can do to pay attention to detail really help get you into glam mode.  Becoming glam shows that you are a girl who can play, imagine, create and have fun. 

Show that man you can put everyday life aside and put some effort into a night of fun.  Trust me he will love you for it and you will attract men like crazy.  If you have a camera available be sure to snap some pictures and get it memorialized for your Facebook, Instagram or social media sites.  It’s always nice to show that you are a woman who can get dressed up for a fun night out on the town.  Being willing to put the effort in to get a full-on glam look shows that you are a women that a man would love nothing more than to have on his arm.

Glamour dress

A sexy strapless dress or one with a cross strap back is great for the glam girl look.  Try for a sexy satiny fabric and a deeper jewel tone color or black.  To really set the dress off try a fake spray tan.  This will make you look like you are absolutely glowing, without damaging your skin.  Also, you can have a manicure and pedicure done and pair dress with sexy heels. 

This may seem over the top but trust me that men love dress up.  You don’t have to do this everyday but the ability to get into glamour mode and focus on looking incredible for an event is a great turn on for men.  Brazilian girls do this incredibly well.  They seem to have a knack for dressing up and are always the ones in the over the top glam outfits.  Taken a lesson from them its fun, playful, and sexy.

Seductive glam look

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