There are so many ways to look cute and adorable when working out.  You do not have to wear floppy clothes or old sweats to the gym.  Here are a few tips for sprucing up your look at the gym or when doing sports or activities outdoors.  Check the adorable workout photo for the inspiration here.

Black workout pants

Try black workout pants mean for yoga or athletics.  Black is always wonderfully slenderizing.  The key is to get a form-fitting stretchy Lycra material that breathes.  Forget about loose sweats and try sleek yoga pants instead.  Go for black or dark gray for the most skinny effect.  Make sure they snug the figure, flatter your bottom and are comfortable.  Stretch material works great for this because it forms to the figure while still being comfortable.  For an added dose of seduction, be sure to wear a thong under the workout pants.  This eliminates all panty lines and outlines the bottom.

Big sunglasses

Try a pair of big movie star shades.  Not only will you protect your eyes and skin preventing wrinkles, you will look like a hot L.A. girl.  Big shades give that I am a celebrity image and look great for working out and exercising outdoors.

Loose hair or pony

Longer, loose hair looks great at the gym.  A bed-head look works, just shampoo hair the day before and sleep on it.  Wake up and shake for a tousled look.  Men love long hair that looks natural.  Another cute look is a pony tail.  Throw into a classic pigtail when exercising hard then let down, shake and wear loose after you take a break.

Tight cotton t-shirt

For a cool uptown look choose a concert T-shirt, classic tank top, or a cap-sleeve midriff as shown here.  This is a casual look however men love this.  Workout tops tend to be less flattering than the bottoms.  Therefore, get nice workout bottoms from a top brand such as Nike.  Pair with a favorite soft cotton t-shirt that huge the body as shown.  This is the quintessential girlfriend look. 

Hopefully this photo shows that you can look amazingly hot in casual gym clothes and still attract men.  Try snug fitting Lycra workout pants with thong underwear underneath for a no panty-lines fit.  Pair with loose hair or casual pony, cool big shades, and a snug fitting favorite old t-shirt.  Lastly, smile as happiness makes you look amazing!

How to look cute at the gym

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