Men are universally attracted to women who have a shining personality. So what does shining mean? It means you are happy, exuberant, enthusiastic, and have a great attitude towards life in general. This is incredibly attractive to men. Happiness shows in your smile, the twinkle of your eyes, and your overall attitude. A happy woman is a beautiful woman.

Men love happy, exuberant, and enthusiastic women

If you are a complainer or woe is me type of woman, it is a turn off! You need to work on your confidence, emotional health, and self-esteem in that case.   Make it a priority to become happy, get fit and start loving your life whether you have a man in it right now or not. Men naturally pick up on this exuberant energy and they get drawn in by it.  This is why you always seem to meet a man when you are happily tooling around minding your own business and engaging in things you enjoy to do.   You aren’t even looking, and then he appears in your life.  This happens because a man will see you and be intrigued by a vibrant beautiful woman who is happy with herself.  A man can be so attracted to a bubbly and fun women that he won’t be able to tear himself away from wanting a relationship with her.  If she feels good to be around, he will want to be around her.

A goddess happy glow is not something you can fake, because it comes from within and shines through in your outward physical appearance. It’s not easy to feel like a million bucks when in reality you may have been dateless for a while.  However if you don’t have a man do not under any circumstance allow it to make you feel down on yourself and your life.  You won’t get a man if you are down in the dumps. If you’re not feeling like a goddess, then it may be time to take a break from the man-hunt and instead work on improving your life. Your new goal is to increase happiness, your confidence level, and your self-esteem.

Take care of business, do activities you enjoy, and work on your physical fitness. Drink some energy drinks and start being productive.   Quit procrastinating and do something useful.  When you get up and get active you will start feeling good about yourself and your life. Take time out of the day to do things that you love. Get healthy both physically and emotionally. Try to get some needed accomplishments under your belt, even if they’re relatively boring ones.  Try cleaning out your bills and paperwork, going through your closet, or doing a complete yard or apartment cleanup.

Men love women with a great attitude

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