We know that todays man wants a woman who is independent, self-sufficient, and capable.  This is true.  But in all that fierce independence some women can get too over-bearing and controlling.  It can become too much and detract from their feminine qualities.  This aspect of a fierce or ball-busting personality is something that men do not particularly like.  A man is more likely to commit to a woman who is extremely supportive of him, loving and nurturing, gentle, has his back, and is willing to let him lead at least some of the time. 

A woman who can give in and surrender a bit of control is going to get in very tight with her man. Men love supportive women and they seek that out in their partners.

Learn to give in and compromise

Men are by nature competitive and combative and they to like to lead.  They have to compete to support their family, do well at their jobs, and come off as the man who can take care of their responsibilities.  This is why it is refreshing when an independent woman can take care of her own business, yet still surrender and let her man lead in the relationship.  Especially if surrender results in less fighting, men love this.  A man may fight to get a woman, but once in a relationship a woman who fights too much with a man is undesirable.  Power struggles lead to fights.  So when a woman can pick and chose carefully what she is willing to surrender to, her man will appreciate it.

This doesn’t mean that a woman must stay home and cook, clean and raise children or be subservient.  It simply means that men do not want to be in power struggle all the time with their partner.  They want a woman who is a feminine counter-balance to themselves.  She should have a soft side.  She should argue softly if at all. Disagreements should be discussed not warred over. If she is able to let things go and let him lead at least some of the time, he always appreciates that. 

Women are doing so well in the work place that they even beat some men’s salary and success!  Women do it all!  As amazing as equality is though, it can be an emasculation if the women is so succesful and also masculine in her behavior and attitudes.  The problem is that when you have two very smart successful individuals it can lead to power clashes.  That is why a woman who can defer to her man sometime is much appreciated. She can take care of herself but she does not lose sight of her softer gentle side.

Don’t lose touch of your femininity

One tip for women who are career minded and successful, is to make sure to keep in touch with the softer feminine side of herself.  That might mean a bit of feminine dressing, pampering oneself for example with getting hair and nails done, talking softly, and dressing softly.  Cooking or doing something soft and feminine in a hobby can be a great way to stay in touch with ones feminine side, while still being successful in the work place. 

Be willing to compromise

Remember that if you have two strong personalities it can create friction. Be willing to back down particularly on issues that don’t really matter all that much, in order to keep the peace.  On issues that you feel strongly about, be willing to stay calm and reach a compromise with him. On any impasse always ask yourself if the fight over this particular issue matters more than keeping the peace.

One way to get good at compromise is to realize that you do not have to control everything.  Pick and chose your fights very carefully by letting him have his way on issues that aren’t of grave consequence. You may not agree with the way in which your man is handling a problem yet trust that there is always more than one way to get a job done.  While you might not choose to accomplish something in the same manner as him, rest assured he will manage to get things done just in his own way.  Give him a chance, be willing to give in and let him lead, and on issues that really matter try to reach a peaceful compromise.  Men love women who are capable of letting them lead.

Let the man lead

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