There are certain personality characteristics that make a man want to get to know you on a deeper level. 

The ability to keep your cool is worth its weight in gold.  This is essential for becoming his girlfriend rather than her good time thing.  Playfulness, teasing, being funny and flirting are all great traits.  But there is one trait you may not have thought of that can set you apart with men.  This trait is the ability to unafraid to speak your mind and debate, but without creating unnecessary drama.  Men hate women who tantrum, yell, scream, make scenes and get into knock-down drag out arguments where insults are being hurled.

If you want a man to go from just wanting you to actually needing you on a deeper level, you need to trigger his emotional attraction.  For this to occur he is going to want to see you as light-hearted and playful, but at the same time mature and grounded.  That means on a physical, mental and emotional level you need to have a certain sense of self-confidence and calm.  If you are going to flip out over every thing and get hysterical, it is going to be a total emotional turn off.

Create positive experiences with your man

A man is going to want to spend more time with you if you create positive experiences with him.  That means you can be playful and fun and simply have a fun time with him.  No drama, no tense arguments, no power struggles.  These experiences you have with him will ratchet up his attraction and interest level.  He isn’t going to be thinking, Oh no what is she going to flip out over now.  A girl who is too unpredictably dramatic inspires a sense of dread in a man because he doesn’t know which girl he is going to see.  Is it going to be the crazy version of you today or the normal sweet version? 

If he is wondering about how you are going to act it is a clear sign he is not going to want you as his permanent girlfriend.  He needs to trust that when he sticks you into a social setting with people he works with, you won’t freak out.  Creating too much drama with him will make him believe that you just don’t know how to act.  This is the fastest way to send him running from any sort of serious relationship with you.  Creating positive experiences with your man will make him want more with you.

Men hate women who cause scenes

Toxic drama is like allergic to men.  While they may want to have a wild, even sexual tempestuous affair with a high-strung woman, this woman won’t be the one he actually wants as a girlfriend.  For a girlfriend, he needs a woman who can be adventurous and fun, but who won’t freak out and rock the boat at the slightest turbulence. 

This means, no freaking out when the restaurant bumbled your order, no tantrum at the hotel check in desk because of the bad room you got, no brawl over why he didn’t spend his Friday or Saturday night with you.  No rage in the two-hour line.  It means no psycho-texting, blowing up his phone with texts, or cutting him down to size.  Do you think he wants to deal with a basket-case on a regular basis? No he does not.  A calm woman who has an opinion but can deliver it by talking rather than raising her voice, reigns supreme.  You don’t have to be a push-over, all you have to do is avoid behaving in a way that is pushy.

A man might deal with a wild woman to get a shot of relationship adrenaline, but this won’t be the girl he stays interested in as a real and potential partner.  When it comes to being girlfriend material, calm woman will always win out over dramatic women.  Be fun to be around, have your own independence and success in life, and most of all, be grounded.  You may think all her cares about is looks but trust that rude behavior will make a man hate even the prettiest girl.

Be able to discuss an issue gently at the right time rather than getting hysterical about what he is or is not doing.  Avoid over-reactions such as de-friending him after a fight, blocking him, saying bad things about him, silent treatment, and so-on and so-forth.  All of these drama behaviors will only hurt your chances of getting him to do you wants.  Drama will drive a man away faster than anything, so try to avoid.

Men hate drama

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