Have you ever wondered what makes a man deem you as girlfriend potential rather than just someone to date and pass the time with for a while? There are certain traits that men love in women. If you have these traits they are going to make you into a stronger girlfriend candidate. If you lack these traits, there are certain changes you can make to enhance your girlfriend-like characteristics.

If you seem to be able to attract men, but are unable to reel them in as true long-term boyfriends, this article should help you identify what personality traits you need to cultivate further. Men want a girlfriend who is healthy, ambitious, free thinking, and who has solid emotional boundaries. If you have problems securing a boyfriend try to focus on taking care of your body, developing your own passions, and becoming a serene and emotionally calm woman. These traits will help draw men in and make them want to be your boyfriend.

A perfect girlfriend has plenty of ambition

Men want a woman who is relatively ambitious and has goals and aspirations of her own. She doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist, just someone with a passion for something she is interested in. He wants a woman who is intelligent. This does not necessarily mean academically or scientifically intelligent however. It just means she has to be a thoughtful, self-aware person. She has to be aware of the world, well-spoken, and good company in any crowd. She needs to have her own goals in life that inspire her.

If you are floundering or lacking motivation, it is time to work on your ambitions. Don’t ever put your life on hold, or die on the vine so to speak, while waiting for Mr. Right. Why not take time when you aren’t busy with a man to set goals and aspire to meet them? You don’t have to be a ruthless go-getter or a gold digger. You just have to have love and passion for what you do. Spend some time figuring out what you enjoy and set some milestones that will help you achieve goals in life.   You will get things done and become a more perfect girlfriend at the same time.

A perfect girlfriend has a healthy lifestyle

A man wants a girlfriend who is going to be a wonderful influence on his life. If she is slovenly, out of shape, or lacking in motivation, turn-off! A well-educated, employed man with reasonably good looks has so much opportunity with women. To best out the competition make sure to keep your body, mind and spirit at peak performance. Get into great shape and adopt a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. Men will be attracted to what you do, and they will want to be with a woman who takes care of her body. 

Health is a sign of youth and vitality.  Get your body into athletic shape by working out regularly and eating healthily. Men are attracted to women who take care of themselves and their health. Having a wholesome sense of fashion style attracts men. Women who have healthy hair, a brush of makeup, a wholesome look and a casual sense of style scream girlfriend material. She is fresh, pretty, fashionable and never has to dress sleazy. She keeps a healthy physique and has a great sense of style that can take her anywhere from lunch with his work colleagues to a glitzy holiday party with his friends or family. Men love women who exude natural beauty.

A perfect girlfriend is a free-thinker

Some men love a religious woman but she needn’t really be overly staunch in her beliefs. Men are attracted to women who think freely and have their own beliefs and convictions. Females who are crowd followers lack that unique inspiration that makes them special. A free thinking woman is not going to be petrified of what other people will think or say. She doesn’t have to follow any institutionalised religion but rather believe more in spiritually. She follows what makes her feel comfortable. No matter what her beliefs in a higher being are, she believes in being moral, having integrity, and having love for others always. It is not her religion that will win him over, but rather her kindness and solid moral ethics.

A perfect girlfriend has solid emotional boundaries

A perfect girlfriend is hard to get because she has very strong boundaries and good intuition. She takes time to think all decisions over and does not act impetuously. This helps her to be immune to manipulation. She will call a man on his lies or misbehavior. She can smell a rat from a mile away and will not tolerate poor treatment from a man, regardless of how handsome or charming he may be. Pick up routines and other scams will not work on her and she will never be caught dead falling into a friends with benefits, hookup, booty call or other sub-standard relationship.  She deserves the real deal.

It’s girlfriend or nothing at all when it comes to an emotionally stable woman. She has plenty of self-confidence and she would rather be single than tied to a boyfriend that treats her poorly. She is secure and shows no sign of being neurotic or insecure. Men love a secure confident woman who won’t tolerate poor treatment. When they come across a woman who won’t fall for their normal pickup routine, they respect her and want to be around her.  She is different.  He instinctively know that she evaluates the man and doesn’t just let anyone in. She has standards and she believes in herself. If he messes up, she would rather leave than be walked all over or treated like a doormat.  She inspires him to be his best.

A woman with strong boundaries does not have to boast or be stuck up. It’s not an act.  She really believes that she is a catch and this is why she is in fact a catch. Men love that strong, quiet inner confidence that emotionally stable woman have. She won’t fly off the handle and if there are issues she can address them without resorting to screaming, yelling, arguments and repetition. She will never allow a mans antics to let her lose her cool. This is the type of woman who will become a mans girlfriend. She is only willing to become intimate with a man who truly cares about her and men that are out to use her she quickly disqualifies without a second thought.

If you want to become a more perfect girlfriend ideal in a mans eyes, try working on developing the following traits. Be ambitious, be healthy, be a free-thinker, and be confident in yourself. If attend to these things, you should soon attract an amazing man who will be happy to be your boyfriend.  You’ll be perfect girlfriend material and he will be willing to commit to you and only you in order to have you in his life.

Traits of a perfect girlfriend

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