With divorce rates sky-high, is it any surprise that men want to sample the wares for quite a while before becoming committed to just one woman?  You may have a lot going on, yet feel insecure, wondering how do you compete with all of the billions of women out there who would love to snag this guy you’ve got your hands on.  Well look no further.  Men look their whole lives for that marriage material woman.  There are many factors that he may look at, some of which you don’t even realize.  Here are a few factors that can determine you are indeed marriage material.

Your appearance can help make you a marriage material girl

First of all, your appearance matters!  You want to look good but more importantly, feel good.  The way to achieve this is to be healthy and get in good shape.  Men want to marry a woman who values keeping herself fit and who takes care of her hair and skin.  Don’t ever let yourself go in a relationship because you man might secretly think that you will go to hell in a handbasket after they commit.  Make looking your best a real part of your everyday lifestyle so that your man won’t fear that you are just putting on an act. 

So, what do you do if you look great, but are still sort of blending in with the crowd?  Well, you can always develop a unique sense of style that sets you a little bit apart.  Look for a special feature that you have and play up that feature.  Whether its thick wonderful hair, pale skin, a slender body, or amazing eye color, make it work to your advantage.  If you don’t have a feature that sort of pops, try going to a makeup counter or reputable salon to manufacture an original twinkle. 

Think about for example, Megan Fox.  She looked amazing but more like a rather typical pretty girl, then when she died her brownish hair jet black, she suddenly looked incredible.  The contrast with her blue eyes set off her looks.  Whether it’s a simple hair color change, or the clothes that you wear, you can make yourself stand out from the crowd. 

Take this photograph of this red-haired beauty as inspiration!  This amazing photograph exemplifies a girl who literally looks like no other. She’s gorgeous because she looks original. Not only is she gorgeous, she looks happy and inspired while caring for her beautiful pets!

Your domestic skills can make you a marriage material girl

Having some good domestic skills can help up you into marriage material category.  Cooking is a great domestic skill.  It’s great to be able to cook for your man and trust me he will appreciate any home cooking you do.  Just the thought of you fussing around the kitchen with homemade recipes will make him want to stick around for ever. 

If you can’t cook you can develop a variety of other feminine oriented hobbies whether it be volunteering, book club, throwing great parties, dressing up for Halloween, being popular, salsa dancing, singing karaoke, become a team mom, learn ballet, adopt or rescue pets, or simply going to yoga class and learning the splits.  Come up with something fun, frilly and totally unique, trust me your man will love you for it. These sorts of skills will assure men that you will keep their social calendars filled and their lives exiting. That spells … marriage material.

If you aren’t much of a cook there are other domestic skills you might have that will register as marriage material in your mind.  Do you volunteer, love animals, or have passion for a cause?  A woman who has passion for anything that shows her feminine and domestic side will reign supreme.  Bring out your inner femininity and nurture your love of nature, animals, life, or whatever your fancy is.  Whatever the age is that we live in, when you can get down to being a kind, charitable person with a good heart and a softer womanly side to your personality, men notice.

Your life situation can be a huge factor in whether you are marriage material

Your particular life situation, especially when juxtaposed beside his, can be a huge determining factor in whether you are marriage material.  I’ve seen women who were 15 years older than a man have tempestuous full-blown loves affairs with them.  However, when it cam down to it, the younger man was not going to commit and later on down the road he marries a younger girl who is a more likely match for him.  Love does not conquer all.  Even if he loves you, he may not marry you ever because your life situation does not ring compatible in his mind.

This means that you need to look at whether a man you are dating has a core compatibility with you.  Men want a woman who can sort of fit right into his lifestyle.  That means that if you live or work in proximity to him, believe in the same things, and share some of the same life goals and outlooks, you have a strong chance of being deemed marriage material.  Some of these things you literally can’t control, yet you can keep a watchful eye on the men you date.  If you understand that you will never be marriage material in their eyes, it is always best to move on so you at least have the chance to find the right person who does want to pursue a committed relationship with you.

Your family, your mom, your friends, your economic status, your religion, and your geography all factor into whether you are marriage material in his eyes.  Some men really want a girl who can enhance their lifestyle so they will look for a girl who has substantial wealth.  Other men want a younger girl so they will hold out until they find that girl.  And other men want a girl who has her own career.  You might date a traditional guy who would want a less educated stay at home mom type, or a go-getter type that identifies with a strong career woman more.  All of these things factor in.  Most of these you can’t control yet you can make sure you invest your mind and heart into men that you at least have a chance of being with. 

Huge age differences, being in different life phases, and living in different locations all hurt your chances of being marriage material to him.  A man is going to look at a particular girl and ask himself if her situation really fits into his life and the life that he imagines for himself.  Girls tend to obsess about themselves and whether he is good enough.  At times, you can forget that he is analyzing you too, and deciding whether he feels you are marriage material.  If you aren’t that one in a million this particular guy wants to settle down with, you can’t cry over spilt milk.  There are plenty of other men out there so you simply get out and about, better yourself and improve yourself, and sure enough another man will come along in time.

Men definitely look at whether you are marriage material.  Improving and maintaining your appearance and your domestic skills takes time and your investment will pay off.  Keep your looks up, and foster hobbies that bring out your inner femininity.  Your life situation you can’t control quite so easily, although you can opt out of dating men for whom you see marriage possibility with them a likely dead-end.  Knowing when to opt out and move on from a flight risk or low probability candidate can be key. 

Finally, be happy.  Happiness and a sense of adventure can mitigate so much.  If you can let your hair down, cut loose, have fun, and be super adventurous it’s going to win him over and he might overlook other problem areas he sees.  If you are the girl he can’t wait to be around, a boatload of flaws won’t stop him from wanting to be with you.  Guys look at a lot of factors when determining if you are marriage material or not.  Your best bet is to be the most amazing woman you can be.  Take good care of yourself and always strive to learn more, which makes you interesting and fun to be around.

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