Imagine this, you sitting there finally out with friends while looking and feeling great. You are single, but ready to mingle. Then, you see him. That six-foot tall handsome hunk who is the opitimy of what you are looking for physically in a man. You eye him, he notices you, and you wish with all your might to lure him over. Just get him talking then boom fall in love, you think. Are you dreaming on? Not really. Science shows that men can fall in love at first sight just based on physical appearance. It may be more like lust than love, but still, it’s a starting point and it gets him very, very interested from the get go.

When sparks fly, he falls in love at first sight

When sparks fly between two people, they really can fall into a deep lust at first sight. If your heart is pounding and your palms are sweating it is a good sign that chemistry is flying. Believe it or not, when you interview men about when they fell in love, a full one-third of them will state for the record that they fell in love at first sight. It took them just seconds to decide they were attracted. They stood tall, approached, and tried to make the best impression they could on a woman who star struck them at first sight. The fact of the matter is, that men do fall hard and fast, and their attraction affects them immediately. So, take note and try to improve your first impression and thereby improve your chances he will fall head over heels for you.

Work on your first impression, so he falls in love with you at first sight

The first thing you want to do to impress him and make him fall at first sight, is to improve your physical appearance and take it up to the highest notch you are able to. Men take in visual cues big time. He responds to what he sees. So keep your body in great shape, be healthy, take care of your hair, and learn to use makeup that is subtle and natural but enhances your beautiful features.

Meanwhile, think about your body language and the positive vibe you can send off. Smiling is a number one sign of a positive vibe so get your happy going on. If you aren’t happy, you can try to fake it until you make it, yet true inner happiness is the real key. The formula for making him fall at first sight is to smile, be truly happy, be naturally relaxed, and be looking your best from a physical standpoint.

Show interest in him, so he falls hard for you

Now that you have yourself ready and open for his approach, think about how you act. You want to be relaxed, social, friendly and sweet. If you do start talking make sure to register his name. Within a few minutes of talking to him be sure to call him by name as this will send shivers down his spine if he is attracted to you. Having good game to where you can chat up a man easily and naturally will help him fall hard and fast. One of the ways you can improve your conversation game is to date a lot of different people. This gives you practice on naturally conversing if you are not gregarious by nature. The easier you are to communicate with, the smoother its going to go.

Seduce him, so that he falls in love at first sight

Help him fall in love at first sight by exuding some good chemistry that goes pinging back and forth between you two. You can have that twinkle in your eye, and mimic him a little bit in order to send sparks flying. If he gets closer you can get closer. If he leans in, you can lean. You can also try a few flirty tricks like throwing your hair a little bit, or tracing your collarbone with your fingers for example. Also use your eyes and look at him. Glossed lips can help, lick your lips, smile and laugh. This will take care of the chemistry and he will want to get to know you better because he is attracted.

Get him under your spell

If you work on your physical appearance of body, hair, makeup, and clothes you are half way there. The other half is the emotions you bring out in him. First of all exude a happy persona as that works like a magnet. Smile and be a good conversationalist, which you can practice be getting some experience going on a variety of dates. Learn to flirt with your body language, hair, face, and personality. Once you get him under your spell make sure to take things very slow. You can create more intimacy by moving slowly and letting him ask you out and spend time getting to know you.

Move slowly to avoid a relationship that fizzles out

Remember that you are taking all of this initial love at first sight chemistry and trying to convert that into relationship material. Don’t fritter away the chemistry on a fast physical relationship. Instead, lasso the chemistry and convert it into some real intimacy. You will find that you can in fact take a mans love at first sight sickness, and turn it into true love. Go slowly, and don’t be a flash in the pan who burns out a relationship too quickly.

A man will definitely fall into love at first sight. It is your job to take that initial spark and lust and translate it into a lasting relationship. This is accomplished by getting past the initial sparks that fly. Move from talking about likes and dislikes, to sharing dreams and opinions. Get to know him so that he understands your feelings, your insecurities, and even your fears. Do this before getting super close too quickly so that he has not only a physical attraction going but an emotional investment in you as well.

Don’t reveal all your cards right away

Lastly, don’t spill beans on past relationships right away. A bit of mystery works great so do not spill all your guts too early. Wait for things to develop and then confide in him only when he is showing you that he is invested beyond just wanting to get frisky with you. A man knows when he is attracted to someone right away, so that gives you the basic ingredient for him to fall in love. But as you develop and get to know him, a man values things that he has to work for and wait for. He values a mystery, and he wants to be the one chasing you, not the other way around. So look your best and attract him for love at first sight. Then, sit back and see what he does.

You will be surprised because if you play your cards right you can take an initial chemical spark and turn it into something real and long-lasting. Just remember, that so many men when interviewed make statements attesting to the fact that they knew they met the one the second they met. Those initial butterflies that he feels for you that make his stomach a slushy machine are worth their weight in gold. Men are extremely visual creatures so once you have him interested you are half way there. Beyond that, put your best foot forward. A happy and vivacious woman that lets the man be a man and lead the relationship reigns supreme.

From lust at first sight to relationship that lasts

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