Summer is coming so this is your chance to get prepared.  It is the perfect time to turn over a new leave and flaunt your beauty. 

Look sexy

Summer dresses, sandals, and bare skin attract men like crazy.  Pay special attention to your skin because the heat, warmth, and winds can cause skin damage.  As the weather changes your skin can get dry and rough.  Makeup, tanning creams, and pollution can get your pores all clogged as can excessive sweating, and hormones.  This summer pay special attention to your skin.  Don’t get a natural tan as it will damage the skin, and keep grime and dust away from your skin.

Here are a few tips for sexy glowing skin that men are going to see and be attracted to, touch and go literally crazy over.  First of all, make sure to drink plenty of water.  Fluids really do flush out all the toxins and waste that build up in your body.  Try drinks such as lemon water, or green tea which is high in anti-oxidents.  Fluids are going to help keep your skin soft, dewey and clear of blemishes.

Man magnet diet for glowing summer skin

Get a good healthy diet going.  Avoid snacks and junk food such as chips, candy, fries, and ice cream.  Try fresh fruits and vegetables instead.  Slice cucumber, watermelon, oranges, strawberries, or mangoes and keep it chilled for snacks.  Include green vegetables in the diet to keep your entire immune system strong enough to fight off illness and exhaution.  The less stress you have, the better.

Skincare for glowing touchable summer skin

Follow a four step summer skin care treatment.  First of all you are going to want to cleanse your skin with a good quality cleanser.  This should take dirt and grime off the face but still be moisture based.  A light oil cleanser can help for dry skin.  An aloe vera based cleanser can help for dry skin.  Keep soft wash clothes to dry skin without ripping.  Exfoliate skin regularly to slough off the dead skin the sits on the face and body.  You can use a massaging face cleaner and an exfoliating scrub brush for the budy.  Try different exfoliating scrubs to find a brand that removes dead cells but leaves skin feeling soft. 

Next, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  Dry skin is the enemy if you want glowing soft skin.  Moisturize skin when damp, and at night.  Apply moisturizer before your makeup so that it glides on smoothly.  If you are prone to acne you are going to want to take additional steps to cleanse out the skin.  Check your pill or hormone medication if you take any to be sure that hormones are not the cause of the problem. A visit to the dermatologist is a great investment.  Consider some beauty treatments such as toning the skin and steaming the face.  A toner can remove dirt, makeup, buildup, toxins, dirt and grime to refresh the skin.  Use of toner can really help make pimples and blackheads go away.

Safe tanning

Be really careful about tanning in the regular sun or at a tanning salon.  The advice is just don’t do it because it is not worth it.  Tanning causes serious damage and while you can get that glow now, you skin will regret it years on down the road.  It is much better to use a combination of spray on instant tan creams such as Sally Hansen, along with a tan glow cream like Jergens or Oil of Olay.  These creams have only a slight amount of tanner in them and if you use them regularly on your body they will give you that glow.  As for your face, protect it with good sunscreen.  Then, select makeup that gives you a glowing look.  Try mineral makeup powders and light colored bronzers.

Glowing mineral based makeup

You can see this classic Kate Moss photo as a perfect example of summer glowing skin.  She looks incredible.  Remember that now that you have glowing skin you are wanting to keep your overall makeup look toned down.  Her look is perfect as her face is clear and her lips have a faint frosty pale gloss color to them.  Then, her cat eyes finish off the look which is incredible.  Use mineral based pencil eyeliner and line the top outer corners extending the line out and up slightly for the cat eye effect.  Line the lower inside rims of the eyes towards the edge.  Try mineral makeup, you’ll love it as it goes on smooth and nice.

Trust me this summer glowing look will bring men right to you.  It’s a healthy, vital look.  Just remember to eat right, drink plenty of fluids, get your rest and keep stress down, and follow a really good skin care plan.  Your skin care plan should include moisturizer, cleanser, lots of sunscreen, glow tanning creams, and mineral based powder to get you the glow safely and without sun damaging your skin.

Attract men with glowing, soft summer skin they love to see and caress

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