A girl in a tasteful skirt or dress will always catch a man’s attention.  Without having to be a mini, tight skirt, or show too much, you can still look incredible in even a long flowing skirt.  This wonderful flowing maxi from Love Shack Fancy is sexy especially because the skirt/dress caresses a women’s form and doesn’t cover it. The right skirt/dress can make girl look really amazing.

If you find yourself in sweat pants, jean shorts and tank tops 24/7 its time to add a flowing maxi dress or skirt to your man magnet arsenal.  This dress looks feminine, flowing, and just girly, which men absolutely love.  If you want to embrace your ultra feminine energy be sure to put on a beautiful dress before summer ends and it’s too late!   It will make you feel wonderful, guaranteed.

If you want to look like you are girlfriend material rather than somebody to just hook up with, make sure it’s all about flowing skirts and sundresses! If you do have a lot of cleavage you will have to look hard to find a sun dress that doesn’t show off too much. You want it to be demure and subtle in terms of skin exposure, but once you put that perfect dress or skirt on you need to rock it as much as possible!

If you don’t have many skirts its time to add one to your wardrobe. Try for a style that allows you to wear them a bit long  For a girlfriend look go for styles that are little lower than mid-thigh or longer, and not super tight.  Your feminine charm will shine through and mesmerize men. The dress shown is from Love Shack Fancy.

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