Dating smart can help you weed out the men that don’t matter and focus on potential partners that do. If you are single and in your thirties there are certain ways you can focus your dating game towards finding a committed relationship. These strategies apply to all women of all ages but particularly for a woman in her thirties who wants to eventually find a man to settle down with.

Make yourself as attractive as possible

The dating world is so competitive that any sort of fault can reduce your marketability to men. Be smart about this and continue to improve your appearance. Take time to do this and stay in shape. Even if you think you have perfected your look there is always room for improvement. The most important thing is to stay in shape and maintain your figure. This is a must for presenting yourself as most attractive to men. Your figure is crucial to your level of attractiveness so take care of it. If you take care of yourself and your body you come off as someone who is not only attractive but also as someone who respects herself and takes care of her health.

Besides exercising try to eat healthy with the occasional cheats of course but overall, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Learning to care for your skin, perfecting your makeup techniques and following fashion magazines to dress well are things you can do to come off as stylish and fashionable.

Make yourself approachable

Men need to meet you, so you need to make yourself approachable to them. That means getting out and about both in the day and in the night. Even if your friends list is short you can take classes, join a gym, run errands, and hit the nightlife. Don’t just rely on Internet dating. Going out at night to see and be seen is a tried and true way to meet people. If you are getting invited to social situations accept the invite and do try to attend.  You never know when a venue will cause you to meet up with someone you otherwise would never have met in your day-to-day life and routine.

Weed out the men that just want to have sex with you

This is the most important tip. You need to really start to use your life experience with men to filter the inappropriate ones out. Recognize the men who just want sex. If they don’t call you, get to know you, introduce you to friends, or spend time with you in the daylight hours, cut them off. Men will suck up your time being unsure of their future with you. Don’t allow your time to be wasted while someone continues to try you out.

Operate as though you have limited time and filter out the leeches. If he isn’t interested in who you are a person then cut him off and treat him as the time leech he is.  Likewise do not hang in there with a man to see where things are going. Only stay in relationships that steadily escalate and progress.  That means over time you are spending more and more time together. If you notice things plateau and find yourself watching weeks tick by as he is too busy, break up with him. These are all just excuses and indecision on his end.  In a normal relationship as the months roll you will become closer and closer to the point where you are literally running errands together and attention family gatherings together.

Adopting these dating smart strategies will help you filter out the men that come into your life that nevertheless will never have a future with you. No matter how physically appealing they are and how smitten you are, they will only suck up and waste your important child-bearing years. Don’t stay with anyone just because you dread being alone. The sooner you are alone the sooner you will meet someone who actually wants to get to know you, wants to be your boyfriend, and wants to get into a committed relationship with you. Don’t be afraid to be single again because you need to be single and available in order to really meet someone.  As a general rule you should avoid younger men as they may not be quite ready for the same thing you are.

Date smart and weed out the men who are not really interested

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