What makes love last? Tuning into your man will help your love with him last. Make sure to express your love on a continued basis. The easiest way to do this is with a six second kiss. Look your man in the eyes and kiss him passionately, letting him know how much he means to you.  Make sure to take a break in your day to express your love to your man. This will help inoculate your relationship with him. A six second kiss will keep the negative thinking about the relationship away. Remember that keeping negative thoughts away can safeguard you and your love from betrayal.

How a kiss keeps you physically and emotionally connected

The more negative thinking and negative comparisons made by you or your partner, the higher the chance that you start to think there is something else out there for you. Physical disconnection can lead one or both of you to detach from the relationship. This is why a kiss gives your love a boost. It is magical and pushes the negativity out.  It is a way for two lovers to bond.  Kissing him is a way for you to keep yourself close to his heart and mind.

Keep kissing him even after your relationship is well established

Couples kiss less and less as the relationship wears on. So you ate that ranch salad or onion dressing and you’re so familiar that you don’t feel like kissing much. Or when you are intimate, you don’t look each other in the eye and make contact or kiss anymore. You don’t kiss passionately. This is such a mistake. Though kissing can quickly become something you skip past, the power of kissing shouldn’t be underestimated. Try to have fun with kissing.

Try breath mints and plant a kiss on him to make love last

Take special care to brush and floss your teeth daily and carry breath mints. You can use a tongue scraper and mouthwash to keep bad odors away. Keep breath minty fresh. When you see him give him a sexy six second kiss. Your relationship will be invigorated and he will be reaffirmed that you are madly attracted to him and think he is special.  Fresh breath and subtle perfume will drive him crazy with attraction.

Men need a steady supply of ego boost

Even men need attention and positive affirmation. There is nothing like a woman’s touch and a woman’s soft lips. If your mans ego is not being fed by you, he will be more likely to seek out supply from another source. He wants attention and he wants to know that he is physically and sexually attractive. Therefore, continuously let him know that you are as attracted to him as ever.

Keep your mouth and face fresh smelling and give him some loving affection when you see him. Such love, as simple as a kiss, can safeguard your romance from betrayal. It only takes six seconds to kiss him! A kiss lets him know that you are magnetically attracted to him. When you see him, your heart still skips a beat. Let him know this by kissing him passionately even after you’ve been together and your relationship is no longer new. The most successful couples always devote time, love and attention to their relationships.

A six second kiss to make your love with him last

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