There are certain qualities that men look for in a woman. These are not just related to the physical appearance. One of these qualities is emotional maturity. A real man is going to want a woman that has an emotionally mature attitude.

If you are trying to attract a successful, single man you can be sure that he has met lots of different women and he has options. You need to stand out from the rest. Part of this is looks but a big part of this is your attitude.

Some women are going to flirt too much, throw themselves at him, and act needy and unsettled. If he doesn’t stay interested, he may have an inkling of what can go wrong in the relationship. She might lose it completely and fall apart on him if he backs off or dates others. She might rush the relationship along trying to close the deal to where he feels like she’s acting overly masculine. An emotionally mature woman lets the man take the lead in the relationship.

Believe it or not, a woman who is going to emotionally crack and fall apart is going to throw up big warning signs as far as a man is concerned. On the other hand, a woman who is emotionally stable regardless of the shenanigans he pulls, is going to be attractive to him. She is going to be the one who he considers capable of a healthy and happy relationship.

The red flag of an overly emotional woman

If a woman over-reacts and flips out in some of those make or break moments, it is going to throw up a big red flag for a man. Let’s say the man is attracted, enjoys being around you and is spending his free time with you. Then, there comes a situation where he does something that disappoints you. Maybe he breaks a date last minute or forgets about plans or your birthday for example. A make or break situation can arise where now he has done something wrong.

It is how a woman responds to such a let down that he grades her for. It may have been a wrong-doing on his part, yet he is apt to judge her based on how she reacts when he has done something she does not like or approve of. It is how you share you feelings with him about the disappointment that matters. If you blame and criticize him angrily he is going to be encouraged to get angry or turned off by your reaction. He may even withdraw. It isen’t fair of course because he did something wrong, but in his mind it becomes all about your emotional reaction to it.

A man will judge you by how you act when he lets you down

A man will seriously judge you on how you respond to his behavior and handle your own emotions. If you have maturity and patience to take the time to tell him how you feel from a positive standpoint, you are going to win him over. If on the other hand, you become overwhelmed, upset and angry it’s going to drive him away. It will become all about your ego, putting him in his place, schooling him and driving him out of your life. He will take such a critical attack personally.

If you come down hard on him he will feel like he can’t please you and if he lets you down he’s going to get castrated or deal with a total basket-case. He knows that at certain times he is going to be a jerk and let you down. But if you get that upset for all the little things he does wrong it’s going to give him a lousy feeling about the relationship. Emotionally unstable and reactive behavior is going to drive him away. If he’s rude and breaks a date he is not going to want to deal with a hysterical woman. If he’s rude and breaks a date then figures out you aren’t going to put him at a priority or change your schedule for him, he learns to keep dates if he wants to date you.

It’s all about how you deal with him. He wants to make you happy but won’t always be on perfect behavior. When he messes up he doesn’t want to upset you to the point where you literally lose your cool and turn mean on him. So in the example of the broken date if you share the disappointment about it and let him know what is or is not acceptable for you in a relationship, its going to make him understand you better.

For example, you can let him know that you are not going to be in a relationship where you get stood up and that he needed to let you know that plans were being cancelled. If you can share the difficult feelings from a place of love ad positive intentions he is going to recieve what you are saying better and he will try to please you. The goal is to let him know what you want without accusing him of being careless or thoughtless.

An emotionally mature woman will leave a relationship rather than melt down in one

Patience is a sign of emotional maturity. If you can avoid attacking and confronting him he is going to see you as girlfriend material. If you can communicate what issues you have without making him feel attacked he is going to love you. A woman who is emotionally mature, confident about what she wants and needs in a relationship, and who has solid boundaries about acceptable behavior will reign supreme with a man.

Don’t fly off the handle when he lets you down. Wait for the appropriate time to talk and then let him know how you feel. The calmer you are the less he will be able to turn around and blame you for your hysteria. If he repeatedly lets you down rather than get frustrated get some distance. Let him understand what your limits are and what behaviors you can and can’t tolerate in a relationship. A woman who is emotionally stable ad mature would stop seeing a man before she would be caught flipping out on him.

Emotionally mature

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