I see women obsess with creating smooth silky hair and there is no denying that smooth gloss hair perfectly pin straight it gorgeous.  However, curly and wild hair women do not have to worry!  Some of the most famous super models have classic timeless photos of wild hair.  Men love bed head, sexy hair, natural curls, because it has an animal like quality.  Think like a sexy goddess!  This classic of Model Janice is timeless and gorgeous.

Supermodel bed head hair

To get wild hair all you need to do is stop brushing and embrace your natural body.  For the best result use a good shampoo and volume enhancing conditioner.   Wash at night.  Gently towel dry. After you are done take a dollop of frizz ease type serum, Moroccan oil, or curl enhancing leave in conditioner, and a spritz of glosser.  Rub through hair  then gently finger out the curls when still damp but not completely wet.  Use a detangler if you have to.  Then, sleep with it down or in a twist up held by a soft cloth-covered rubber band.

The next morning, shake loose and you should have the bed hood look.  This hair is going to look good the day after you wash it which is why washing at night for the next day is the best trick.  Men will love the way it looks and want to get wild with you.  Remember, you can embrace what you have and go with it.  I see plenty of women take their gorgeous dark curls and process them into oblivion, bleaching their hair until it breaks and starts to fall off and be cut short, or straightening hair that is not naturally straight and winding up with straight hair that looks damaged.

Men love wild hair, and if you look at many of the most famous supermodels their most famous pictures are wild hair.  Just look at a history of covers of Cosmopolitan magazine!  Do not be scared of your curls and your bed head, especially if you hair is naturally that way.  Every one wants what they don’t have, not realizing what they do have is sexy.  If you want to seduce him go for volume and wild curls, especially if your hair is naturally curly to being with.

Sexy hair men love

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