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Men love a great smile! If you want to attract a man look no further than your smile.  One of the best ways to attract men is to use your smile to make them feel good so that they are the ones inspired to approach you. Smiling makes you more attractive while letting them be the man who does the work and initiates conversation.

Relationships that last are hard to come by and if you are single no doubt you wonder what to do when that perfect guy crosses your path.  How do you get his attention do you take the initiative and buy him a drink or something? Probably not a great idea.  Your best bet is to smile, and smile a lot!

Get his attention with a smile

The number one most effective technique to getting a mans attention is to smile very broadly at him.  This allows you to sit back and let him take the initiative with you, rather than the other way around which never works well.  It’s all about drawing him in, in subtle ways by giving him that non-verbal hint that you are approachable.  Men need more encouragement that you might imagine and believe it or not, less attractive women who smiled broadly were approached more often than those that glanced and looked away but were more attractive.

Let him approach you

To be highly successful with your smile, make sure to make eye contact multiple times and accompany that eye contact with a smile.   The great thing about this is that the signals you give out count more than even your looks.  When you smile a him, especially if he is interested in you, it will surely give him a feeling in the pit of his stomach that just makes him feel amazing.   For a man it’s one of the best feelings on the planet, so warm him up with a smile and make him smile back and approach you.

Men love a smile that lights up the room

A woman always looks beautiful when they smile cause it lights up their eyes. They look very alive and in the moment.  When a cute girl gives a man a smile it can quite literally makes him go weak in our knees.  Not only does it light up your face to smile, it shows a man how you feel.  Simply enough, when you smile it lets a man know that you are happy and that will light up his day.  Remember that a beautiful smile is truly inspiring and one of the best secrets for attracting men.

Men love a great smile

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