Here are a few tips which can help you to  dramatically improve and up your sex appeal. 

Make your smile dazzle

A dazzling smile makes you so much more attractive!  If you get too absorbed in life you will walk around with a furrow between your eyes, a wrinkled brow, and a stern, harsh look.  You have to learn to let go and relax the face, have some fun in life and smile.  Men have all their worries too so a woman who can remind them of a simple smile and what matters in life will win their heart.

Make your teeth whiter by getting regular or even extra cleanings, particularly if you are lazy about brushing and flossing regularly.  Try the in office whitening procedure every couple of years to get your teeth white and beautiful.  If you have horrible teeth you can look into cosmetics such as adult braces or veneers.  Barring that, keep teeth extra clean and whitened periodically. 

Coffee and wine as well as certain juices can really stain the teeth yellow.  Try to quit coffee or at the least brush and tongue brush afterwards to get that coffee stain off your teeth. If your teeth are yellow or your tongue looks brownish or colored it means you are leaving too much staining foods in your mouth.  Get teeth cleaned.  Drink more water instead of colored beverages.  A dazzling smile is priceless.

Communicate better

There are certain things you can to in order to communicate better and come off as a sexy, confident, caring woman.  The first thing is to try not to swear or use foul language.  Everyone does it, but its a turn off.  Men are turned on by women who can remain very poised and calm, even when fighting!  Flying off the handle will get you nowhere and will get you labeled as the crazy psycho girl.  When you can remain calm and confident, you win. 

The most important aspect of communication is that you can listen to others and what they have to say.  Give them credit for their input and respect that they have their side of the story. Give credence and give time and your communications will improve.  Also, thing things through before shooting off at the mouth.  If you think about things you can formulate a very posed and thoughtful opinion without offending others. 

Better communication skills will skyrocket your overall sex appeal.  Men despise loud mouthed women so keep tactful at all time.  This also is true for text message communication.  Never over-text or send long streams of consciousness texts.  Don’t rant, ramble or fight on text message.  Keep your conversations clean and sanitized, and never make a relationship all about texting.  Finally, know when you are wrong and be eloquent enough to admit it readily.

Have good posture

Good posture makes you look ten times better and doesn’t cost you a thing.  Make sure to sit and stand straight.  Get your shoulders back, chin straight up and even the chest out.  One way to improve your posture is to get some photos of yourself taken.  You’ll see that when you stand straight and even arch the back a bit, your body will look taller, thinner, and more beautiful. 

When you have good posture, you appear to have excellent confidence and that is truly sexy.  If you hunch in your work chair try getting an ergonomic design that will help fix your posture and make you aware of any slumping habits.  Sit up!

Adopt your own fashion

Stay away from all of the fashion trends and adopt a classic, look hot style.  Stick to the shapes and styles that look good on your body and forget about the trendy clothes.  If low waisted, boot cut jeans are what complement your figure the most, then stick to those and don’t bother to force yourself into skinny jeans.  Some clothes in fashion only look good on slender figures and you don’t have to adopt those styles. 

Choose clothes that hug and flatter your body, show your curves, look like classics, and always no matter what leave something to the imagination.  Do not over expose.  When find women who march to the beat of their own fashion drum a total turn on.

Fake it until you make it

Try to adopt that I know what I am about, and where I am going attitude.  A smoky confident woman is incredibly sexy to men.  If you maintain that attitude that you are in control of what you want in life and where you are going, it will be evident and it will make you sexy!  You need to be able to exude that I know what I am about look about you.  It’s a sultry, confident look that exudes sex appeal.

Big sexy hair

Big sexy hair is incredibly sexy.  Some of the hottest pin-up babes have big, big hair.  That means get out the curlers or the curling iron and pump up the volume.  Those animal like hair styles of Cindy Crawford made her famous.  Likewise, hair of for example Bridget Bardot and Anna Nicole Smith was big, big, and sexy.  Tease it, curl it, and get it up there.  Va-voom cheerleader hair is bouncy, sexy, and pure animal.  You may want to break out the hot rollers for this one, or try a ceramic plate curling iron.

Get good eyebrows

Bigger eyebrows are back in style these days, but don’t go to the point of uni-brow.  Thicker eyebrows that are well-groomed and trim around the edges reign supreme.  If your eyebrows are too thin or over-tweezed they will not frame your eyes and make the most out of your beauty.  Lean how to pencil sparse eyebrows in to give a perfect face-framing look. 

Wax or tweeze around the edges regularly to keep the look near and polished.  Keep an eyebrow kit including a good little pair of scissors to trim down out of control hair.  Thicker eyebrows are in, but they have to be perfectly groomed to get the most sex appeal mileage.

Do good deeds

Caring about others is a feminine trait, and one that men love.  If you spend time caring more about other people you up your sex appeal in the eyes of men.  Men love caring, social women.  One way to up your sex appeal is to spend more time interested in others.  Try to remember names, give people your attention and direct eye contact, and don’t forget to ask about their lives.  Women who are able to listen and be supportive of others are sexy!  Men love women who are involved in causes, who care about other people and who have a nurturing loving side to them.

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