Positive and playful women win the race in attracting men and getting commitment from them. If your relationship is languishing then sometimes all it takes to get it on track is to adopt a brand new positive attitude. Men love positive women who are busy and happy with their lives. To get back to the basics you must always remember all that you have to be thankful for, and place a good relationship with him at a very high priority, way higher than the mundane never-ending responsibilities we all fact every day.

Men love women who have a 5:1 ratio of positive to negative interactions

Try to be five times more positive than negative in your interactions with men and you will gain so much more traction with them. Women with positive interaction fare far better than those whose ratios tilt more in favor of negativity.

Being positive is critical when it comes to attracting men. If you take this statistic seriously, you are going to be a gem. Men long for more upbeat interactions with their dates, girlfriends, and in the long run – their partners. Exuding an authentic humor and joy are critical to nurture flourishing relationships. If you can make a vow to choose to cultivate these positive emotions and experiences, you will dramatically increase your chances with men.

Go back to the basics and embrace simple fun and simple needs

Women are generally preoccupied with getting things done, deadlines, and to do lists. Even if these to do lists are merely holidays and birthday planning parties, there is a never-ending list of things to do and take care of in life. Well guess what, men are hit by all of these responsibilities as well. This is why, a woman who can relish the basics will attract men like crazy.

He’s already worried about a million things so if you are the one that can help him let go and relax he will love you for that. If you add to the stress, you are just another problem in his life. That is why you want to keep your interactions playful and minimize the problems in your relationship. Relationship responsibilities, where are things going discussions, and confrontations are inevitable however they should only make up one small part of the relationship with the majority being two people who really enjoy spending time together.

Every day try to keep positive and keep your relationships going smoothly and happily. The second the relationship becomes overridden by nagging and hassling behavior, the man will be less likely to become seriously involved with you. Instead of complaining about what he hasn’t done, try to focus on his amazing qualities and what he does bring positive you your life. Try to appreciate and accept him more than you whine and nag at him.

Imagine yourself, but a more whimsical sweet version of yourself! Go back to the basics of being a soft feminine woman and provide him with a comfortable place to fall. Simple compliments such as I believe in you can really melt a man’s heart. Try making yourself more whimsical and sweet, an angel with wings. If you internalize such positive thinking you will most certainly become that man magnet that you want to be.

Put on your feminine fairy wings think positive because men love positive, playful women

When in doubt go back to that 5:1 ratio. Remember, your positive interactions should be five times stronger than the negative interactions. If you have equal positive and negative interactions your relationship will go onto thin ice and if you have more negative than positive interactions it is a clear sign that your relationship is in danger. If you want to seduce him and make him fall in love, focus on enhancing your positive energies and getting back to basics of being feminine, playful and sweet towards him.

Men love a positive attitude

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