Whether it’s a friendship or a relationship, all bonds are built on trust. Without it, you have nothing

All bonds are built on trust is a wonderful saying for a relationship. When a man realize the value of being trustworthy, he adds value to the relationship and adds value to himself as a keeper. If you want to seduce your man, be sure first that he qualifies to be in your sights. If you can’t trust him, don’t seduce him.

If you are attracted to somebody you feel you can’t trust, reconsider

If you can’t trust him but are still attracted, it is not based on mutual love and respect. Rather, it is based on lust. Before getting involved seriously you should get to know a man and make sure that he is worthy of your trust. This will save you untold heartache and weed the people out of your life that lie and cheat with ease. Integrity is so important which is why a strong woman will protect her heart until she can share a relationship with someone worthy of her love, affection, and trust.

Use caution when considering involvement with a man who you deem untrustworthy. This is a recipte for disaster. Relationship bonds are built on trust and so while you might have attraction, lust or amazing chemistry with a so called bad boy, it may not be wise to throw caution to the wind and get involved. While people change, they are more likely to remain the same. Therefore the best predictor of trust is by looking at his past history with you and others. Everything will be based on trust and if you attempt to attract a liar, you will likely live to regret it. Be careful as to who you want to attract into your life. Make sure he has integrity and treats women with chivalry.

Women who have had their heartbroken with men that have cheated or lied to them will no doubt warn you that if you encounter a man who can’t be trusted, run in the other direction. A pathological liar is not worth seducing. Pay attention to his actions. Do they match his words or is he all talk? A man you trust will follow through on plans you make, he will cancel plans courteously, he will care about your plans, he will value your time not just his time, he will be honest with you, and never will he be duplicitous. Duplicitous behavior includes lying about his whereabouts, having other girlfriends hidden away, or pursuing other women while also pursuing you. None of these behaviors will bode well for a relationship because no matter the attraction, love is build on trust in any relationship. Without trust, the relationship will fail.

If you are already somebody you know you can’t trust, Run

What happens when you are seeing somebody you thought you can trust but they still brutally betrayed you? Should you stay in such a relationship or should you run? The decision to stay often can be made once you determine how much regret the man feels. If he does regret the loss of trust and is willing to do whatever it takes to save the relationship even including therapy and living his life as an open book with you, then perhaps stay. If he does not regret wholly what happened but rather blames, criticizes or defends his actions then you may want to leave such a relationship.

Trust is so important in a relationship. If you love somebody you might be tempted to stay after a loss of trust. Unfortunately, this can teach the man that he can get away with untrustworthy behavior, because you don’t leave him for it. Staying with him could even lead to further abuse. Follow the laws of three when it comes to trust. A first breach of trust might be forgiven, a second breach of trust should be taken seriously, and a third breach of trust lets you know there is a pattern and you are better off opting out of such a relationship. Trust is bond, word is bond, so if a man lies to you and you catch him, he has broken the bonds upon which a loving relationship is built.

A relationship where trust is lost will turn into a relationship filled with doubt, suspicion and misery. Some men will cheat or have an affair outside of the relationship then truly regret it and want to stay with you. The problem, is that even if you do forgive them, the incident may become a reoccurring sore point in the relationship for you. If you are unable to truly forgive, don’t continue the relationship. Some women never get over lies and deception, others are able to get over them and forgive. Much of this depends on you and how much you have invested in a relationship and whether children are involved.

Love is built on trust in a relationship, Manipulation, dishonesty, and distrust are relationship destroyers. Distrust breeds unhealthy behavior in the relationship such as anger, paranoia, double checking, clinging and revenge. If two people really want to, they can repair a relationship. Think of a parent child relationship – there is strife at times, but the relationship typically heals and remains as both are inexorably entwined. The same is true of a relationship, if both parties value the relationship they both have the will to together work and restore all trust however long the process.

As a woman you must have strong morals and boundaries. Know what behavior you can and cannot tolerate in a relationship. The stronger your boundaries, the more a man will respect you. If a man knows that your relationship will end if he strays, he will be far less likely to cheat. If he knows that you have so little self-respect that you will stay because that’s how much you love him, he will run roughshod over you. It’s important to love him, but more important to love yourself. Love yourself enough to demand trust and accountability in any relationship you are involved in.  A strong sense of morals will make men attracted to you. It will make them want to better themselves to live up to your standards because they want to be with you. Love is built on trust in any romantic relationship, without out you really have nothing.

Love is built on trust

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