Are you wondering why he falls for one woman but not another one, and wishing to be the one he does fall for?  You might want to know some things that help men to fall in love.  If you can pay attention to these facets of your relationship you may just get him to fall for you.

In order to fall for a particular woman a man has to be very captivated by her.  He has to look at her as a total package that could be a good fit with his life.  He is looking for personality, smarts, physical traits such as body, looks, and smell, and most of all a special allure that magnetize him.  He really needs to feel like he does not want to be without you, in order to fall.

Let him please you because that will make him fall for you

To nurture his falling fo you, you can do several things. First of all, you can focus on how he makes you happy.  This is important. Women tend to focus on catering to the man and waiting on him hand and foot.  In reality, you should be focusing on letting him make you feel happy.  Because the thing is, he will fall in love with the woman who he knows he makes her happy.  He makes her smile, have fun, and feel great. This in turn, helps him fall in love.  So instead of bending over backwards to service him, let him spoil you.

Men want to fall for you and find the one just as much as women do

You might think falling in love is pure accident, but accident or not, falling in love is spiritual. Men want to fall in love just as much as women do, and they want to meet the One that they feel is the best fit for them.  If a man feels like he can please you and make you happy it means the world to him.  He has to think you are sexy and hot, but he also has to think that he can really fulfill you.  Therefore, complaining about his shortcomings will not help your cause.  Letting him make you incredibly happy however, will certainly help.

If you are open and receptive it helps him fall for you

 You would be surprised how un-ready you might be for love.  You really need to be in the right mental place to fall in love and you need to give off all the signals that you are really, really, open.  Do you let him see the real you or are your caught up in the petty?  Your true vulnerable self-will make him fall for you the most, not a phony facade.  Men also fall for women who have a strong sense of self and where they are going.  They don’t want to have to make the woman.  She needs to respect herself and most importantly respect him.  If you want him to fall in love you have to believe fully that he is worthy of you love. 

The main focus is that you need to be open, very receptive and in the right place in your life to really show your true self and be loved by another person.  This means that you have to let the chip on your shoulder go, let any old baggage go, stop comparing to ex loves, and just be totally on pure ground to meet someone.

He falls for a woman who he believes is a total package

Men want to feel like they are getting a total package. It sounds bad, but of course they want the very best woman they can obtain.  This is why there is so much grass is greener dating and non-committal men.  If you want him to fall in love with you verses someone else you need to show him that you are that package. Certain things you can’t change, but many you can.  If you can be very kind to him, loving, affectionate, and loyal, he is more likely to really fall for you. 

Once he meets a woman who measures up across the board so to speak, he will start to view her as a total positive.  She is fun, sexy, and a positive person.  Eventually he just realizes that he is in love, because she meets all of his expectations of what he is looking for.  She can of course have many flaws and be far from perfect. But overall, her positive qualities measure up in his eyes and from there, he falls.

Emotional attraction makes him fall for you

A man loves to look at a high maintenance perfection women, but who he really falls for may not be that woman. You could be gorgeous and dating him, then get dumped and he moves on and gets serious with someone not even as attractive as you are!  The reason is that he does consider more than looks. She has to attract him for sure, but beyond that, it is emotional attraction that matters. He needs to feel emotional attraction.

He needs to feel like you fit like a glove into his life.  For example, you are willing to try new things, do things he enjoys, and are open-minded.  You don’t have to do everything he does, but you just have to be willing to.  When you do, he sees that you enjoy many of the same things as him and he starts to see that fit, that makes him fall for you harder.  When he has attraction for you, feels compatible with you, and also has that mysterious spark, he will believe you are perfect for him and he will fall for you.

If you want him to fall for you, remember that he is a sensitive person too.  He wants to feel happy and have someone who loves him and with whom he has sparks flying.  He needs to feel attractive, capable, amazing, energetic and most importantly, he needs to feel loves by you completely.  If you want to make him fall for you, be sure to loosen up the reins and let him take hold of them.  Be extremely open-minded and open to him loving you the way he expresses love.

If he feels he can make you happy and please you, and enjoys spending time with you immensely, he has a higher chance of falling for you. Remember to always enhance yourself so that you are the ultimate package that you can be.  That means taking care of your body, hair, appearance, and personality. Get over your issues and get to a good solid place where you are ready to love a real person, and then he will materialize, and fall for you!

What makes him fall for you

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