Do guys like athletic body women? Of course they do and the biggest bonus is that athletic girls are active! An athletic woman is someone who is likely to take care of herself, which is a huge plus in any mans book! Sporty chicks also tend to have that slender, yet strong build that men love on women, so that is a yes! Men do like athletic girls.  You don’t have to be model thin to attract a mans attention.  An athletic girl with a great attitude is a major attraction for men.

The most important part of being athletic is that it represents and attitude of being physical and fun.  An athletic girl cares about her body and can get into physical activity.  If she has a great attitude about being active that is the best part. 

Men want a girl that takes care of herself, is active, and with whom he can enjoy a variety of activities with.  It’s not about being competitive its about being vibrant, caring about ones looks and health, and being athletic and toned regardless of your weight.  An in shape girl with a great attitude will attract men like crazy.

Men like athletic women

Men have no problem with athletic women, they can be as attractive as anyone regardless of their weight. This athletic girl in the photograph shows a heavenly body shape. She isen’t slender like a fashion model but rather healthy, well shaped and beautiful bodied. While men love an athletic girl, be sure not to get too over the top with the body building or competitive personality. There is a difference between being athletic and toned, and being over the top into muscles. A balanced, not fanatical approach to health and fitness is the most attractive to men.

Guys don’t want you to take it to the point of getting competitive with him

There is nothing more attractive than a strong intelligent woman. Men however, don’t always like extreme competitiveness in the relationship. If you are smarter than him, make more money than him, and are even in better shape than him it can be intimidating. A man wants a woman who compliments him, not competes with him. So be sure to keep healthy and in shape but not get too into competing with him. He wants you to be able to jog with him, not run circles around him or beat him at every sport.

An athletic and toned body attracts men, plus guys love sports

It’s sad but true that being in shape is a very important attraction feature for men. Women who are overweight or obese enjoy stiff competition from slender, athletic and toned, or voluptuous women. This is where taking up some form of exercise can be a help. Not only does it help your health, but it makes you more attractive to a wider swath of men. In the physical and superficial realm, body type can lead to attraction and we all know that chemistry is key. All women’s bodies are divine, but athletic women tend to have very nice bodies which is an added benefit. A good body and a good personality combined gives you an edge.

Voluptuous bodies are attractive to men, especially when athletic and toned

You don’t have to be stick slender to be attractive. In fact, studies have shown that men love women who have a feminine shape not a stick thin shape like a runway model. The great thing about being athletic is that it keeps certain body problems at bay. Working out and doing sports, or even just walking, helps keep the body firmer. Weight lifting and nautilus are wonderful because they add resistance.  Resistance exercises help build up your muscle tone and give you a leaner, rounder look. You can be heavy but if you are athletic your body will look voluptuous and toned as opposed to flabby with cellulite.

Men love athletic women, as their bodies tend to be well toned from the exercise. Being athletic and toned is even more important than being slender. A man wants to know that you take care of your body and have an interest in physical fitness. Men fear that their girlfriend or wife will let their body go after they commit or marry. When he falls in love with you, he hopes that you stay true to your original form or at least somewhat close to it anyways.

Athletic women are fun to do activities with, which guys like

Being athletic makes it possible to do more adventurous activities with your man such as hiking, back-packing, biking, boating and so forth. Being athletic also improves your body to a more toned and healthy version of itself. Men are very action oriented and studies have shown that they bond when doing physical activities with you such as bowling, blading, camping, and so forth. If you want to get closer to your man be sure to be athletic and take care of your body.  You can started at any age or size to become more athletic and toned.

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