You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth

Men love a playful, free-spirit woman

Certain attitudes are irresistible to a man. The first of which is a zest for life. The Dance like there is nobody watching and the Sing like there’s nobody listening quotes embody this magical quality of being able to live in the moment that me adore.   Men are drawn to a free spirit.  They want a woman that can set aside life’s worries and play games and have fun.  A woman who can live life to the fullest that day is attractive.  Someone who can compartmentalize chores and stress and obligations and take time out to have a good time. After all, men want to have fun. A woman who can make a man feel like he is playing at recess will rate highly.

Men love a woman who gives them ample space

Just as a man wants a playful and exuberant woman, he wants her to understand that he needs his playtime away from her to do the things he enjoys doing. A woman that gives him the freedom, and enough slack in the so called rope, to continue in the activities he pursued before her, will rate highly. He will feel like he is given a personal choice in the relationship rather than being on a constant choke chain. A man wants to feel like he can run around without restriction and consequently he makes his own choice to spend time with her. If she has a playful personality, he will want to be around her.

Men find strong conviction irresistible

Another attitude men love is that of conviction. Men are drawn to a woman who knows what she wants and needs in a relationship and won’t settle for less.  A perfect example of this is a woman who refuses to be in a relationship that is not exclusive. The attitude is not about begging him for monogamy or for exclusivity. The attitude is: this is what I am looking for and if you want to date others that’s fine yet it doesn’t work for me. The point is, that a man is attracted to a woman who knows what she wants whether it be with him or without him. He is not the end all be all nor is he the last man on Earth.

Men find strong boundaries irresistible

A woman who has an attitude of strong boundaries is always irresistible to a man. She is willing to walk away from a relationship if it gets degrading, abusive or questionable. She will not tolerate bad behavior and will radically reject cheating, lying and other antics. Integrity and trust are important to her and she makes it clear to him that he must measure up. If he feels she would leave him before she would allow unacceptable behavior then he is less likely to cross those boundaries.

Love like you’ll never be hurt

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