Have you ever wondered what men think about your hair do? You might just assume that men prefer blondes, but there is a little bit more to hair seduction than a bottle of peroxide.

Men love shiny hair

The majority of men actually pick dark-haired partners, so never fear brunettes! It’s not so much about the hair color its more about if your hair is healthy and vital. One of the most important features that men love is that hair is shiny. Men always love shiny things. To get your hair shiny you need to make sure to use a smidge of shine drop on damp hair. Also, deep vibrant color can help with shine. Golden locks and auburn locks are particularly shiny. A deeper blonde keeps the shine locked in and offers nice particles of deep color hues. Remember it’s not so much about the bleach as it is the overall health of your hair. Stop processing so much and choose colors that are near to your natural tone so that you hair does not get damaged by dye.

Men love au naturale hair

Seduce him with your hair by keeping it more au naturale. Won’t tell you how many women flat-iron their hair into submission or blow dry their wavy hair into a split end looking frizz. Men actually dislike perfectly groomed hair. They prefer soft, touchable hair instead. That means you can embrace your natural texture and keep moisture locked in. Allow hair to grow and deep condition regularly. Seal in the moisture and stay away from all of the processing and treatments. If you stay within your natural color range your hair will get less damaged and look deeper in hue and more luxurious. Try adding color via temporary wash in hair dye or tints not too many shades away from your natural color. This will keep hair luxurious and vibrant rather than bleached out and brassy.

Men love bouncy hair and youthful looks

Hair can be too long too. You don’t need waist length hair if you can’t grow it too long. Studies have shown that more than hair of men prefer mid-length hair. Cindy Crawford’s length or Lauren Conrad’s length are the most flattering. A little bit shorter than all the way down the back gives you a youthful bounce. Also, studies have shown that the most flattering hair length for supermodels is around the color bone or just below. So, if you can get your hair to medium length, you are good to go! Think Farrah Fawcett! Her medium length hair with feathered bangs was truly iconic.

Men adore little youthful touches. Whether that be a simple pony tail for the gym, braids, or asymmetrical styles, men think it is cute. They like little girly touches to the hair so don’t be afraid to get a cute braid style, or asymmetrical cut. Asymmetrical cuts for example when the front is slightly longer and angles down from the back and the hair grazes the shoulders, is boho chic. Don’t be afraid to embrace a natural look, bohemian look, and a little bit of a surfer girl. Remember it’s not so much what color your hair is but the true condition of your hair. Soft, touchable, with natural waves will entice him.

Hair Care to entice him

Good hair care is essential. You can entice him with womanly and feminine hair and trust me he will be mesmerized. Wash hair less often and let it have a rest. Try for a very natural soft style that embraces your natural color and texture. Waves are great so don’t always iron out the waves as this can create a frizzy result. Deep condition your hair weekly and leave in condition for 10 to 20 minutes. Try various shampoo products until you find the perfect shampoos that turns your hair to silk.

Maintain luxe locks

Use shine drops to give it that shiny look that men love. Lastly, choose color close to your natural color. You want to bring out the vibrant hues in your hair. Golden tones on medium brown hair are amazing. Auburn tones on reddish-brown hair look great. And remember, dark beautiful hair looks great with no changes at all, except covering gray if you have it. Men love natural beauty so focus on health hair rather than over processed hair. Eat healthy foods with natural oils including avocado, and olive oil. Natural healthy oils and a well-balanced diet will condition your hair from the inside out. Avoid over processing and embrace a natural soft look to entice him with your hair.

Men love shiny hair

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