Have you ever wondered how to get that girl-next-door look?  Men are attracted to the girl next door and its about more than just her physical appearance.  It is both a look and an attitude towards life.  The girl next door is cute, fun, and completely drama free.  She can go from being one of the guys to being the one who attracts the guys.

Here are a few tips for getting that girl next door essence.  Be friendly, be real, and smile because a love of life is contagious.  Get exercise to relieve stress so it doesn’t come out as a grumpy personality.  Try to keep your hair, skin and body healthy and glowing.  Model Kelly Brook exudes that girl next door look in this picture shown.   Keep reading for more tips to becoming that quintessential girl next door.

The girl next door applies natural makeup

The girl next door is completely care free so you aren’t going to see her with brightly colored movie star makeup.  She is just the opposite and shies away from over the top looks.  If you want the girl next door look you are going to have to keep your skin soft, young and very touchable.  Take up a facial routine that is gentle on your skin.  Cleanse daily with a natural cleanser like Cetaphil and make a point to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  If you find yourself having dry flaky skin make sure to exfoliate your body regularly with a fresh loofah and seek facials to keep your skin at perfection.

Now, the makeup should accentuate this gorgeous natural skin care. The key is to always keep lips soft, dewy and moisturized.  Chapped lips are not youthful.  Keep an ointment like Aguafor around and keep those lips soft and kissable.  A natural and lightly tinted gloss is all you need for the makeup look as lipstick looks harsh and hardly like like the girl next door.  Light gloss or even better lip balm is all you need. 

When you makeup your face seek the most natural colors you can find.  Mineral makeup is the girl-next-door’s best friend as it keeps color neutral and pure.  Avoid colored eye shadows and use faint tan and taupes.  To accentual eyes try a lash lengthening mascara which will make your eyes pop without leaving mascara clumps.  Just like you want to avoid harsh makeup, you want to avoid harsh colored finger nails.  Keep polish casual and very light in a neutral natural shade.  Keep nails cut short and do not get acrylic nails.

The girl next door wears casual style hair and clothes

The girl next door look is very casual and kick-back. You can capture that easy feeling by getting girl next door hair.  Do not use  too many products in the hair and stay away from processes that make your hair dry and brittle such as perms, straightening, and hair dye.  Keep hair its natural color and if there is gray just use a temporary rinse like Nice n Easy to cover it.  You want your hair to have natural movement and shine.  For oily hair, wash daily to keep it fluffy and for dry hair, wash hair less.  Always use conditioner and lock in moisture by deep conditioning bi-weekly.  Use a touch of gloss of shine mist and let hair dry soft and naturally.  A casual fuss-free look is the goal. 

The girl next door wears clothes that are natural and casual.  Get the carefree look by wearing a cute pair of jeans and a flattering T-shirt.  Go for all American styles rather than the current trends.  A cute T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a fresh carefree look to hair and makeup perfects the look.  High heels are not necessary and you can stick to cute ballerina flats, sandals or athletic shoes.  Dress for the season as well.  Sundresses work in the summer, and of course a little black dress is great in the winter time.  Keep jewelery at a minimum and if you do wear it, go for the classic look such as hoop earrings shown here.

The girl next door is drama free

Now that you have the physical appearance down you need to couple that with the right attitude.  The girl next door has an attitude that is fun, carefree and natural.  You do not want to be the catty, gossip, or click-like personality.   Men are universally attracted to the girl next door because she’s just an all-American sweetheart.  An all American girl is nurturing and sweet and she does not participate in verbal abuse or bullying. Do you own thing and enjoy life, which will attract rather than repel people.

Men are attracted to the girl next door personality.  That means you can’t play head games or be a phony.  You attract attention by doing what you love and being true to yourself.  You don’t have to flash yourself because you will be admired from afar just for being adorable.  The girl next door is not going to whine and complain constantly.  No constant complaining allowed!  Be able to laugh at yourself and let insults fly off of you without getting into it with people.  No scenes at the counter, checkout line, or with the cliques at school.

The girl next door can be very popular, she may even be the cheerleader or home-coming queen, yet she takes it in stride and is friends with most everyone.  Her beauty never goes to her head.  Also, the girl next door is honest and believes in herself.  She doesn’t lie or talk behind people’s back but instead tries to be honest, open, and welcoming to people. 

Always remember that being the girl next door might get you that amazing man and an engagement ring on your finger.  If you are a kind person in general, and very polite, you will be te type of girl he wants to bring around his friends and co-workers.  Always be tactful and avoid engaging in topics or disputes that might truly offend your boyfriend of others.  If you follow those tips your inner beauty will match with your outer beauty and you will undoubtedly become that quintessential girl next door!

Be the girl next door

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