Girlfriend material

Discover what men want in a relationship with these tips about men.  If you want to be the woman that men want as a girlfriend, you must understand what the opposite sex wants from you and be willing to give that.  There is a big difference between a woman a man is willing to date and a woman that a man wants has his girlfriend.  Here are some of the qualities that men look for in a girlfriend.

Men want an honest woman to be their girlfriend

Men do not want a woman that plays games.  If you want to be girlfriend material, then honesty and soft communication is a top priority.  You need to be courageous to state what you want without being angry or hostile.  Men hate women that communicate through anger and criticism.  Learn how to communicate your truths from the standpoint of being a loving and accepting partner.

Fidelity is a key trait that men look for.  Men want a woman who will stick by them through thick and thin.  When the going gets tough she needs to be faithful.  Commitment includes fidelity and emotional faithfulness.  Men want a girlfriend who keeps conversations private and has a boundary between the relationship and family members and friends.  Fidelity and privacy are very important to a man. 

If you tell everyone and anyone about private matters in your relationship he will view you as emotionally unfaithful and not want you as a girlfriend.  Likewise, he will not want as a girlfriend a woman who would cheat.  If you want to be his girlfriend, honesty is key.  He has to feel as though you would not cheat on him, and that you always have his back.

Men want an emotionally stable woman

Men want and need an emotionally stable woman.  They might have relationships that are tempestuous and hot/cold but these usually drag on never leading to a real commitment.  To be girlfriend material you must be stable.  This is so important for men.  They need an emotionally mature woman who they are not afraid to bring around their family and friends.

Behavior becomes very important to a man when considering girlfriend material.  He needs to feel absolutely secure that if he brings you around his friends, co-workers or family members that you will know just how to act graciously and polite.  If he can’t bring you to a business function, he will never make you his girlfriend.  You have to be the type of girl that he would trust to bring you around his boss, to be girlfriend material.

Maturity does not mean that you are emotionless.  It just means that you know how to maintain and do what is expected of you when he needs you to.  If he brings you around his friends he expects you to be polite and not to say anything negative about him.  He would be mortified to be embarrassed by what you wear, do or say.  So you need to know how to act with dignity and be a very presentable date.  He needs absolute confidence that he can bring you around others without you getting upset, dramatic, needy, rude, or dressing inappropriately.

How a man views you in public around friends, family and co-workers is just as important as the sexual fun you have behind closed doors.  He needs to trust that he can bring you anywhere with him and be proud to be with you.  He might have great chemistry with you but if he can’t see you as being part of his public life, all you will ever become to him is a sex partner.  Make sure you get to know a man outside of the bedroom and that he is willing to spend day time with you on a regular basis.

Men want a woman that respects him

Sometimes men do horrible things.  Ironically, it’s how you treat me when they misbehave that they look at, rather than their own misbehavior.  You might think you are criticizing him because of something abominable that he did and that if he didn’t do that abominable thing you wouldn’t treat him like you are. 

But men think differently.  They aren’t as concerned with what they did as they are with your reaction to what they did.  They want you to be able to stay calm and not fly off the handle.  A calm woman under duress reigns supreme.  If you aren’t calm and reasonable then your dispute becomes all about how you react poorly.  If you are calm and reasonable, the dispute remains focused on what he did wrong, which is where you want it.

Even if a man has done something wrong, he wants a woman that respects him.  Instead of arguing and blaming, you need to respect who he is and discuss problems maturely.  Men want praise, praise, praise and acknowledgement for what they do right.  They want to know that they are a great guy and mostly lovable and appreciated.  A man needs to feel like he can please you and make you happy.  If  a man feels you don’t appreciate him enough but rather harp on his wrong-doings constantly, he will not consider you as girlfriend material.

Men want a girlfriend that respects them at all times.  And even under pressure of if they have done something wrong, they want to be addressed respectfully and calmly.   A women that gets angry, hostile, criticizes and attacks will not be girlfriend material.  Such a women will continue to get treated poorly until she gets discarded for a woman that knows how to act respectfully towards him even under pressure.  Don’t crack and go ballistic if you have any interest in being girlfriend material.  You won’t get what you want by behaving poorly, tantrums, or acting like a child.  Men want a woman that knows how to act.

If you want to be girlfriend material, make sure to praise him, acknowledge him, support him, and listen to his opinions.  Doling out too much criticism will get you ruled out as girlfriend material because men do not want to be attacked or feel inadequate.  A woman that tries to trash a mans ego or lash out at him will never become his girlfriend. 

Know that you are unique and special and live it

Hopefully you understand that the desire to love and be loved is the most basic of human needs.  If you want to be his girlfriend and build a wonderful relationship with him then act like a woman, know when to be supportive, and be someone who he can trust in any situation.  Try to live by god or whatever you believe in.  Good morals, integrity and a kind tongue will get you into the girlfriend material zone faster than you can imagine.  You are original and special, and if you truly believe that and believe in yourself, so will he.  Strive to be loving and exceptional, and he will see you as exceptional girlfriend material.

Girlfriend material

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