Men are very attractive to toned girls, but fitness does not have to be taken to the extremes in order to attract him. If you get too muscular you lose some of your softness so there is a balance and your approach should be to keep it healthy. If you live for fitness competitions and eat an egg white diet that’s going overboard. What is attractive is a confident woman who takes care of herself, eats healthy, maintains a normal weight and exercises for enjoyment and the health benefits on a regular basis.

Men always lean towards a woman who is in pretty good shape. But a man is not necessarily be disappointed if she is a little softer, say with clothes off, than expected. Many men prefer different things, just as not all women find the same type of man attractive. Men love a little softness in a woman, since it’s incredibly sexy if it’s in the right places. But it all depends on the woman, some women look better with a little jiggle and some look better toned. There is fit, and then there is too fit. Curves are fine. His interest in girls who are toned has mostly to do with the qualities he associates with a healthy person. Men have a natural and innate urge to mate with women who are healthy, and appear to be so.

There are also certain assumption a man will make when a girl is in shape. It gives him the impression that a girl takes care of herself. He can assume she is probably fairly motivated and self-reliant, which is by far one of the most attractive quality in a woman. Most men are not going to judge a girl based purely on physique, but when you have a man cruising hundreds of photographs on an online dating site for example, he will likely select a toned rather than a soft girl. Watch out though because if you become too fanatical about the gym you can start to look overly muscular or overly slim, which isen’t good either. The last thing in the world you should be is fanatical. Being super athletic is only a small part of what men look for, but being in relatively good shape and making it obvious you take care of your body will definitely peak his interest.

Women can be overly critical of themselves and there have been studies that show men prefer a normal looking woman than one who is too, too skinny. Men tend to see less jiggle when they look at you that you see when you look at yourself. Women tend to be our own worst critics. While you might see a little embarrassing jelly action on your body, it’s probably much less noticeable and nowhere near as bad to others looking at you than what you perceive it to be. What is going to really attract him is just being healthy, happy and accepting of yourself and the body you’re in.

Women magazines and on TV tend to be altered surgically and/or digitally. Never let what you see in print or film dictate how you think you should look. Those women don’t even look like themselves. If you knew how much they do digital enhancements on model photographs you would be stunned. Men prefer a woman who is somewhat toned and athletic, at a healthy weight, and is who is happy. They do not expect a super model or a fitness model and in fact studies have shown that a regular girl who looks healthy and happy is the most attractive to men.

Men will always appreciate and be attracted to a girl who takes care of herself. In order to tone up you can simply join a gym and do the nautilus machines there a few times a week. This should keep you toned and minimize the jiggle while still leaving a woman who looks real and not overly fit or overly in shape to the point of being a fitness competitor. Weight resistant exercises like you do when you use the nautilus machines are fantastic for toning up the body parts. Some jiggle is perfectly fine, especially if it is in all the right places. It makes a woman look more womanly.

To sum up: men tend to like toned women more, but a little extra fat is healthier and more attractive to men than being too super skinny or too rock hard fit. Moderation is key and you achieve that by eating healthy, exercising regularly and maintaining a weight that falls in the recommended for health range.

Do men like toned bodies

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