How to have sex appeal is not all about your looks.  So much of it is about attitude.  A mysterious, confident, and emotionally stable attitude is what will give you good sex appeal. 

How to have strong sex appeal

A girl who gives off the impression that she is extraordinary will have the best sex appeal.  It is all about your attitude and the way you carry yourself.  If you want to have more good sex appeal take note of these tips for increasing your sex appeal as a girl.

How to have sex appeal by being mysterious

Acting a bit mysterious will increase your sex appeal and attract a man to you.  The way to do this is to not blab out everything about you so quickly.  Keep your personal thoughts to yourself and don’t reveal yourself right away.  This way you will become more of a puzzle to a man and he will be more interested in getting you to talk to him.  It will draw him into asking and trying to figure out what you are doing because he won’t know everything about you. 

If you have a big mouth this is a disadvantage for your sex appeal.  Zip it and leave a little bit of mystery for him so that he wants more, more, more.  Leaving things to his imagination is the way to have sex appeal.  If you get pressed for personal details, then you can put them off with flirty comments such as “That is need to know information for when I get to know you better”.  Become playful rather than spilling beans. 

A perfect example is when you get a phone call from a man that is interested in you.  He will be naturally inclined to grill you with questions rather like an interview.   His goal will be to hack information out so that he can see whether he wants to take you out or not.  Don’t let him get such a big piece of you in a single phone call.  The last thing you want to do is reveal you life story or why your last relationship went sour.  If he tries to get personal details you’ll have to flirt and set him off track.  If he wants to know more he’ll have to take the time to get to know you.  Don’t tell all, because it takes away from your natural sex appeal.

Increase your sex appeal be becoming confident in the way you act

Confidence translates to better and more sexy sex appeal.  That means that you have to work to look and feel your best every day.  When you feel good about yourself you have sex appeal.  Get your diet in check, your exercise program going, and your clothes in order.  The better you feel about yourself the more confidence you will have.  Women who carry themselves well and look like they invest in themselves are unstoppable.  They are man magnets.

Confidence in the way you talk and flirt also exudes sex appeal.  When you flirt try to be bold and confident because acting like a shrinking violet won’t get you far.  There is too much competition to be a wall flower.  Be unafraid to flirt, have fun, spark conversations and speak clearly with confidence.  You can let someone know that you are interested in chatting with them without pouring out your life story.  Just be pleasant to be around and have an active interest in others.  This will make you incredibly sexy to a man and heighten your sex appeal.

Increase your sex appeal by socializing with friends

A woman who sits home alone with no friends does not have the same sex appeal as an active vibrant woman with a social life.  It is true that it takes time and energy to keep a social life busy but you should put in some effort.  If you don’t have three or four girlfriends to call and go out to the movies with, your social life is too weak and needs work.  Try taking classes, sports or exercise classes where you can meet new friends. 

Having girlfriends and an active life makes you incredibly sexy to a man.  If he isen’t with you on a Friday night he won’t be turned on picturing you sitting hom crying or waiting by the phone.  If he knows you’ll be out having some fun with your girlfriends it is going to pull at him way more.  He’ll be jealous of what you are up to, imagine you meeting other men, and he will be urged to have you for himself! 

Believe it or not, if you have girlfriends and things to do it makes you have incredible sex appeal.  A man will realize that he can’t expect to make plans with you at the last minute or the day of the night of.  He will be unable to treat you as a backup plan.  He is going to have to make plans with you in advance, which gives him sexual anticipation in having to wait his turn until he can see you.  Don’t make yourself available all the time to a man.  Always make sure you have things to do and places to go.

How to have sex appeal by avoiding drama

Men are not attracted to women who are all drama.  For example if you fight and cause drama, or gossip and cause drama, or create drama during a breakup it will justify his treating you poorly.  Keep the negative away from you at all costs because negaholics are not sexually attractive to men. 

If a man rejects you, take rejection calmly and carry on about your business.  Get on with your life making it become their loss not yours.  The more mature you handle it the more sex appeal you have.  Men who break dates or break up or act up are expecting women to wig out and act all dramatic and crazy.  A woman who can keep her cool when he pulls shenanigans will become sexually attractive to him.  He will be thinking, wow I can’t even ruffle her feathers, what am I doing wrong here.  Up goes your sex appeal in his mind.

To have strong, long lasting sex appeal you need to nurture your personality.  Be pleasant, be a wonderful person, be divine.  Exude mystery, confidence and popularity.  Trust me you will become more sexually appealing of you follow these tips.  If you want to send your sex appeal over the top, add a good sense of fashion and style to your arsonry.  A woman who acts like she has good sex appeal, and also dresses to match that sex appeal, will reign supreme with men.

How to have sex appeal

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