Some women are just blessed with hypnotic eyes. You even hear songs that praise women who have hypnotic eyes and they make men swoon over their natural beauty. The use of hypnotic eyes comes from the concept of hypnosis. Hypnosis it the process of putting the man you are interested in, into a mental trance. You want him to be completely mesmerized by you.

To mesmerize your man here are a few tricks. First of all, look right at your man and pay attention to him when he is talking. When you look into his eyes there is an unspoken message that gets transmitted through. Avoid blinking and looking away but do not make it obvious. Essentially, this means make good eye contact with him. Especially when being intimate or when flirting, look at him rather than look away.

If you do maintain eye contact, and it is easier said than done, count to five will keeping a fixed gaze. You man may not fall asleep but he will be mesmerized by you. You want him in a pleasant hypnotic state where he just gets lost in your eyes. Once you get him into this mental mode, trust me you can get him to do whatever you want. Practice makes perfect.

One way to condition your man to treat you right is to reward him with a lot of attention, especially, when he is doing things right, for example, taking you out, going out of his way for you, or doing a simple favor. This will hypnotize him into better behavior over all. Remember, sugar will get you further with a man than salt. Although, a smidge of salt thrown in every once in a while will make him appreciate the sugar even more.

Another tip for hypnotic eyes is to accentuate your eyes with some makeup that makes them stand out and look exotic. Remember, that heavy makeup is not necessary. All you need is a brand new tube of mascara, a black eyeliner, and an eyebrow pencil that matches or is slightly darker than your natural color eyebrows. Apply several coats of mascara and start the brush at the base of the lashes. Wiggle the brush and focus on the outside, upper lashes brushing them out to the sides to enlarge your eyes. Then, take the eyeliner and line the inside water lid of your lower eyelids in a dark black color. Stay precise and clean up any smudge.

Finally, pencil in your brows and shape them with a slight arch and make sure to fishtail out the outside of the eyebrows a little longer than they naturally are so that they come to a fine point. This will give you more seductive eyes and you can use that to mesmerize your man. Use makeup to accentuate your beauty, as demonstrated in this beautiful photograph of lovely hypnotic eyes.

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