If you want to lure him in, then you need to be able to connect with him on a deep emotional level. This is going to help him go from merely attracted to you, to totally intoxicated by you. A soft-spoken, feminine, inviting attitude will lure him in.

The key is to become intimate with him and give him a good energy so that he loves to be around you. If you can be romantic, loving, and quiet as opposed to dramatic, he is going to be drain closer. It’s not in the way you act with him as much as the way you have romantic moments with him.

If you have an ability to get a deeper level of intimacy you are going to invite him closer into your life. You need to be able to talk naturally to him, spend romantic time with him, and open up to him. This means you might need to reveal some of your secrets and get him to open up and reveal some of his.

Be vulnerable

With the everyday work world and all of the stress points on women to perform and go toe-to-toe careerwise and parenting wise with men, it is no wonder that femininity gets stripped away. Competition mode detracts from your femininity.

If you want to draw him closer you need to get back to your feminine and vulnerable womanly self when you spend time together. That means opening up your heart and becoming the softer person you are inside. A little bit of sappy fragility can help here because it’s a counter to the hard-core modern woman stuff.

Try to be a little more submissive, not so much to whatever he wants because you need boundaries, but more submissive to your feminine side. It is okay to be soft, feminine, vulnerable, and sweet. If you can put aside the chaotic day-to-day life, and get back to that soft vulnerability it can really help lure him in. Let him do more of the thinking and you do more of the feeling on those special dates.

If you want to improve your intimacy with him and successfully lure him in, then let him see your soft vulnerable side. Seduce him with silky womanly qualities whether it be soft clothes, cooking skills, dancing, or doing anything that is feminine. Think romance, candles, soft-spoken conversation, and touching bodies.

Let your man be the doer every now and then. You do not have to nurse a man, take care of him, or do anything for him. It’s not about being motherly. Rather, it’s about softening yourself so that you can receive male attention and receive male affection. Don’t confuse femininity with waiting on him hand and foot because they aren’t the same. You can have self-love and be soft and inviting, without doing anything at all!

It’s more about the way you carry yourself, relate to him, and invite his affection than anything specific you do to cater to him. If you appreciate the little things he does for you, he will want to pamper and spoil you even more. Showing appreciation and exuding warmth is worth its weight in gold and will lure him right in without you so much as having to lift a finger.

Life is so stressed out and expectations on women are so high. Of coarse men are attracted to strong successful women. But to really reel him in, be sure to show your softer side sometimes. Being soft-spoken, feminine, calm, loving and serene will be like a dream to him. He will be drawn in and invited in, wanting to spend quality down time with you.

The more you can make a man feel relaxed and happy around you, the more he is going to naturally want to come around. When a man does something nice for you be sure to show your appreciation through your eyes, body language and spoken word. If you are receptive and have a soft inviting attitude, he will be lured in and he will want to give you attention, affection, and love.

Lure him in and improve intimacy

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