To make men want you, always look your best

If you want to know the best ways to make a man want you then you have come to the right information source. Men are complicated and you have to think smart and dress smart to get what you want out of them. If you want more than just sex you will need to use your beauty to attract a man then substitute your logical brain in to keep him permanently addicted to you.

Personality and self confidence are key ingredients to keeping a man. But it does start with the visual. To get him interested in you always look your very best. This is critical if you want to successfully make men want you. There is so much competition for the best men that in order to compete at all, you must look your very best.

To make men want you, emphasize your assets

Some women believe that they should be wholly demure and covered up.   This is a common belief but flawed because men are insticntual and animalistic.  They see a woman and they either are attracted or they aren’t.   You must never forget that men are extremely visual creatures.  If you were to wear a bust enhancing top or even had breast augmentation, your girlfriends would be aghast. Not men however. Remember, that you are dressing for men, not your girlfriends.  A man could care less about the difference between a designer heel and a Payless heel.  While you girlfriends might say your outfit is obnoxious, men might look at the same outfit and want you. To be wanted, look your best with men in mind.  Use makeup, clothing, and accessories.

Play up your very best assets. For example, if you have a nice chest make use of it. Or, wear tight jeans if your figure is amazing. If you have long hair, then make it gorgeous, silky and grow it out long. If you have pretty eyes, then wear tons of mascara to make your eyes a showcase feature. The way to look sexy but not sleazy is to pick one or two of your best features and showcase those to the utmost. Meanwhile, play down and de-emphasize other problem areas.

This trick of playing up your best assets only will help you avoid the sleazy look. So if you have a nice chest-line you can work that but never combine that with for example, a short mini skirt or bare midriff. Once you start flaunting all your features at the same time and in the same outfit, you start to look easy and cheap. Just focus on one or two aspects of your looks and make them the showcase. By playing up the good features and downplaying the flawed features you look classy but sexy too. Let’s say you have beautiful lips. Wear a signature lip color that makes your lips stand out but meanwhile downplay the rest of your makeup. Or, if your eyes are incredible then wear alot of mascara to bring them out but keep the rest of your makeup earthy, natural and subtle.

In the photo shown, the woman is wearing an incredibly sexy clean white top and she is clearly showing off her bust.  Notice, however, that she has long sleeves and jeans on and is quite covered up otherwise.  men love this because she looks so clearly sexy but the rest of her body is left more to the imagination.  You wouldn’t want to showcase your bust in a shirt like this if it were also a spaghetti strap tank top and midriff baring.  She however, looks incredibly sexy as she is showing off her gorgeous chest but at the same time the rest of her look is toned down in casual jeans and long sleeves.  She looks amazing and men would be naturally mesmerized by her.

To make men want you, be sexy but always classy

You should not be afraid to go out there and show men what it is they are missing. Have you ever been on social sites such as Facebook and seen the women that flaunt themselves in many photos out having fun with their friends all dressed up? To another woman, such blatant self marketing is disgusting.  To a man however, he falls right into her trap!  She’s probably the type of women who has plenty of male admirers. Don’t be afraid to show some skin and look super hot. Men will be drooling and looking. But at the same time, keep it classy.

Don’t be too timid to look in a way that makes men want you. But remember, you must play it right and make them want you for more than just your body. You want them to adore you, chase you, and most importantly commit to you. You need to be able to walk into a room and show him! At the same point, you must have self confidence to demand dates, phone calls, flowers and chivalrous treatment. This requires a solid inner game of self confidence and a sense of value, along with outward sexiness.

Check out magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Allure for sexy ideas. Another place to look is at the men’s magazines like GQ and Maxim. These magazines give plenty ideas for showing off your assets. The ideal girlfriends are often sexy but natural looking girls with killer bodies and natural looking makeup. You might see girls in a men’s shirt and nude makeup in for example, the magazine FHM. It’s sexy but girl next door at the same time. Remember that men don’t want an adult film star for a girlfriend. They want a naturally sexy girl that can show off her best assets without ever looking sleazy.

Make men want you by showing off your assets

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