makeup looks men love

Men love the au natural look. Yes it sounds so cliche but men are attracted to the total bare skin look. Unfortunately, not all women can pull this off especially as they get older. To approximate the au natural look, you must find a foundation and concealer that are completely neutral. The intent of your makeup should be only to hide the blemishes and even out the skin. You’ll be merely enhancing what you have without the makeup application looking like makeup.

Mineral makeup and organic colors

Look for lightweight versions of foundation or tinted moisturizers, and mineral makeup brands.  The key to natural makeup is to find a concealer and foundation color that is lightweight, blends easily, and matches perfectly to your skin tone to give the right effect. It should not be noticeable that you are wearing makeup.  If you can see the makeup it’s not the right color or is improperly blended. Try organic brands and mineral makeup formulations which tend to have earthy and muted colors that blend into natural skin well.

Makeup looks that men love include radiant skin

The bare madeup look oozes confidence and a man is going to believe that you are truely beautiful, not hiding behind a mask. A clean fresh face is a one of the makeup looks men love.  Make sure to eat healthy and consume fluids so that skin is hydrated. A skin cream with a subtle hint of glow will make your skin look smooth and radiant.  Men have rough skin and stuble so they are going to be ultra attracted to your feminine opposite which is soft and smooth skin.  Go more minimal on lip coverage as well, with just a lip balm such as Burts Bees.  If you are too pale and need to give your skin just a hint a subtle glow do so with a very pale bronzer that cannot be discernible. You want to look like you just got out of the cold with a natural flush to the skin.

Men love the natural maekup look of nude lips and natural eyes

For the natural look you can skip the highlighter and colored eyeshadow. Go nude but be sure to put on lightweight mascara so that your eyes are brightened. This classic Kim Basinger beauty look should give you an idea of the natural beauty essence. Glowing skin and a very slight shine on the lips is all a woman needs to attract a man. Try mineral makeups and use good brushes and most important you need to blend, blend, blend any makeup that you do wear so that it is not visible.

As can see, makeup looks that men love include the tried and true look of really no makeup at all. Go for a natural lightweight foundation, clear lip balm, and a smooth flawless coat of mascara. Use a blend-able concealer to gently cover up blemishes. Check in the mirror to be sure that your makeup is not visible. For this look you can invest in a magnifying makeup application mirror to ensure flawless coverage and blending.

Makeup looks that men love

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