Men love attractive women who are also genuinely interested in sports.  This attribute, if it is authentic, will captivate the mind of a male more than anything else.  When she actually does like a sport it makes a big difference than when she simply fakes an interest.

Sports makes good conversation with women

Men talk about sports just as much as women talk about shopping.  Most men can’t relate to shopping and gossip and when their date is into sports it’s one of the most natural things ever.   So if a woman is into sports for real, this gives him and her something completely natural to talk about and that makes bonding easy.  If a man can relate to a woman, it helps to develop the relationship.  So common interest such as sports can really help a man fall for you.

Athletic girls have athletic bodies and men love that

Having an athletic body can be another benefit of being an active girl and into doing and playing sports along with, for example watching them.  Men love female athletes!  Whether your sport is baseball, basketball, football, golf or bobsled, get on your team spirit.  Whatever you do, don’t fake it.  Don’t act like you are interested in the latest sporting even when you really know nothing about the sport when it comes down to it.

Men bond by being active with women

Men bond really well to women when they are active.  So if you have a sport to do with him, or even can work out at the gym, walk, or hike with him, it is bonus points.  Anything that gets you two moving is a great way to bond with him.  It can also create some fun memories to do adventurous activities as opposed to the dinner and movie or stay home and video routine.

Men love costumes and that includes sports theme T-shirts

Men are turned on like crazy by costumes. They love women in Halloween costumes, and they love wearing their sports outfits themselves whether it be their local teams jersey or other sports outfits. Get into the spirit and wear a T-shirt or baseball cap for your favorite team and men will love the look. If you are a playful woman who can get into team spirit men will adore you for sure.

If you want to connect with you man on his level, impress him with your fit figure, and bond with him on outings, take up a sport!  Lastly, being active is a great way to meet men and get dates if you don’t already have someone in mind.  All in all, you can’t lose be getting active and/or getting involved in sports.  Even going to some sporting events is a great way to get out of the house and meet eligible men.

Men love athletic women

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