Do men love curly hair?

If you are the typical women, you probably spend plenty of time flat iron-ing de-frizzing, de-tangling and de-curling your hair so that it looks sleek and smooth for a date. But in reality, its women that like sleek and smooth hair even more than men do! Men actually love hair ringlets, they love curly hair, wild hair, and soft wavy hair. Men fantasize, and think of soft wavy, sexy hair that they can imagine their hands running through. Men think curly hair is totally hot!

If you have any doubt about wearing your hair curly, just keep it curly but in control. As long as your curls are well managed and sleek, a man is going to think they are sexy. Textured hair with volume and body can also help a woman look more slender by creating a visual counter-balance to the hip area. Create volume with hair and it flatters the waist and hips by balancing things out. Plenty of guys love wild sexy hair and are completely attracted and turned on by it.

Curly hair is awesome because you can run your hands through it

Men have a mental image of being able to run their hands through curly awesome hair. Men are attracted to long hair. Men believe that a curly hairstyle on a woman gives her that bed-head playful sex appeal. She’s curly, she’s playful, she’s bouncy. If you always wear your hair straight try curls for a change of pace because he will enjoy a feisty personality that changes things up.

Keep the rest of your look polished when wearing curly hair

Girls with curls rock. Just remember, its all about a positive attitude and self confidence. Rock what you got should be the motto. One trick with curly hair styles is to make sure the rest of you is well manicured. If you have messy hair, messy clothes, messy style, the overall look is going to be … too messy. On the other hand curly hair with a feminine daintiness reigns supreme with men. Men love curly hair but you have to be well put together to pull off the sexy curly hair look. Keep the rest of your outfit neat and polished looking and juxtapose that with your curly sexy hair.

If your curly hair gets too unruly it can start to look like a tangled mess. To keep your man magnetized, neaten up the curls. Try a round barreled curling iron that allows you to wrap the hair around the outside and then crimp the ringlet curl in place. You will wind up with sexy waves and curls such as depected in the lovely photo that won’t look too crazy. Ringlets and lingerie will make your man fall immediately in love.

If you wear wild curly hair make sure to keep the rest of your style neat and clean. Your man will see you as a sexy vixen, a lioness. He will want to … attack you. Va-voom!

Hairstyles men love

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