This gorgeous girl shows us how to add girly touches to your outfit.  Dresses are going to make you look more ladylike but there are tons of little ways to add that flirty and feminine touch to a dress or skirt.  This gorgeous girls carefully selected outfit is whimsical and beautiful and any man is going to gaze at her as though she just walked out of a fairy tale.

Feminine clothing

First of all look at her hair which is long, gorgeous, and pulled back in a simple clip with most falling down naturally.  Men love long and natural hair, no doubt about that.  Her cute lavender tank top gives off a casual look that makes it seem as though her outfit is effortless, and that gives off a natural impression.  A unique necklace attracts the eye.

The best part of this outfit is the mini-skirt that is covered with a flowing pink skirt.  I love this!  99% of men love girls in mini skirts, although this unique take on it adds a flirty and demure aspect.  Instead of a too short skirt, this looks like a gorgeous flowing dream!  Lastly, high heels add the final touch to making this outfit above and beyond.

This girl is a fashion expert no doubt about it.  Try natural and flowing hair, a unique necklace, a casual tank top, and a flowing sheer skirt paired with high heels to knock a man right off his feet.

Attract men

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