Men love sexy athletic legs

Men love women that stay fit.  Having a good figure and being body and health conscious is key to seducing your man.  Be sure to keep up on your workouts to keep those legs toned. As we age our skin is hit with gravity and can sag looking like cellulite or dimples.  Men love sexy legs more than cottage cheese legs.

One way to keep saggy skin and cellulite away is to build muscle. Think of the muscle as holding everything together. Skin is going to drape smoother over a muscular well toned leg. The easiest way to tone up your legs is to do resistance training. The nautilus machines at the gym are great for this purpose.

If you are only walking or doing light aerobics then adding the nautilus machines to your workout routine should really help in toning up your legs.  Men will love the results.

Men love  sexy tanned legs

A hint of golden color can hide a plethora of flaws. Moisturizers like Oil of Olay and Jergens come with light building tan cream in them which is a great way to add a natural hint of color to white legs.

If you want to look even more tanned you can apply a fake sun tanner. Certain sunless tanner brands have instant mist sprays that are incredibly quick, fast drying, and easy to spray on. Try Sally Hanson body spray tan it goes on perfectly and can make your legs look sun kissed perfection without the sun damage.  Since you sprays the color right on it will not stain your hands applying it.  You can also see how the result looks right away since you don’t have to wait until the tan develops from the ingredients in the creams.  What you see is what you get.

Men love sexy hairless legs

Men love smooth hairless legs. If you find yourself with razor stubble it’s a definite turn off. Stubble is visible and it looks like  blemishes not to mention feels awful when the hair starts to first grow out. If you have dark coarse hair consider either waxing regularly or spending money on laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal is expensive yet just a few hair removal treatments will cut the coarseness down. If you can’t affort the full number of necesarry laser  treatments then consider getting just a few treatments.   After just a few laser treatments, the hair will be a bit thinned down.  This can make shaving with a razor easier because there is less stubble and the hair comes in much finer than it did before the laser treatments.

If you keep up with the exercise, utilize a sunless tanner, and keep yourself hair free by waxing or hair removal and shaving, you’ll look sexy and well kept.   Men do notice your grooming.  A man will always  have a fetsh for women who are well groomed and who take care of themselves and their bodies.  Use those sexy legs to your advantage.

Men love sexy legs

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