Men love women who are solid from an emotional standpoint.  They don’t lose it, blow up, or freak out.  To become a rock solid woman who men love, work on these four traits. Men are attracted to women that show strength, independence, confidence and a great attitude towards life in general.

Men love level-headed women who know how to have fun

Men love women who are confident, independent and strong.  But that can’t mean stick in the mud.  You have to be silly, playful and fun to give the right balance to your strong independent core.  That means you can show your funny side, laught out loud, be silly and even get ridiculous from time to time.  If you can dance around or do sexy and silly things your man will love you for it. 

When it comes down to it, men love a woman who is entertaining to be around.  Being able to have fun and let down your hair is the perfect counter-balance to the strong emotional traits that men also look for.  So remember, when it’s all said and done the great fun times in life are going to be the most memorable moments you share.

Men love confidence

When the fun is over, a man wants a woman who is confident in herself at a deeper level.  That means she won’t put up with any crap and she won’t be a sucker either.  She knows her worth and expects to be treated well and will not accept poor treatment from any man.  She knows she’s amazing and she will not compare herself to other women.  She feels that a man would be lucky to be with her and she feels confident that she has what he needs.

Men don’t want to feel that they are with an insecure woman who has been discarded.  They want to feel like they have hooked up with a winner – the popular girl.  They want to feel like they are proud to be around you and proud to show you off to their friends.  If you are insecure, a bummer to be around, or too self-deprecating he will turn off. 

Just remember that a man who commits wants to feel as though he is bringing home the prize. You need to be poised enough that he will want to bring you around his family, his friends, and his co-workers too.  Try to envision what kind of woman he would want to bring around his boss of business partner.  Are you that woman? If not, you can raise the bar and become your best self even more.  Work on your poise and presentation so that you become that confident woman he is proud to have on his arm.

Men love independence

Life is what you make of it.  Men love women who are very autonomous, independent and self-sufficient.  They want a woman who is passionate about something in life.  She has things going on in her life.  She has a great life and loves her life even without him in it.  Where its your business, your hobbies, charity or just raising your children you need to take pride in what you do. 

If a man gets jealous and cuts you down for not being as successful or driven as he is, you need to stand your ground,  An independent woman will stand up for what she believes in and will not allow a man to bring her down in life or to criticize her situation.  For example, if you are a stay at home mom you need to be proud of that job and stand up for yourself and your choices.  If a man tried to call you a dependent or looking for a handout, you would not waver an inch.  You would know that being a homemaker was your choice and you would be happy with that choice no matter how much someone tried to bash you. 

Here is that point is that if you are happy, and committed to what you are doing in life whether it be business or whatever, there is very little someone could say to bring you down or make you feel less than worthy.  This is important because men are always testing you.  If you are fulfilled they will realize it and they won’t try to cut you down for what you are doing in life.  It’s your confidence that makes him a believer more than anything else. If you are okay with who you are and what you are about, he will be too.

When you don’t need a man to fill a financial or emotional void they are more comfortable to become part of your life for real.  Men do not want to take on problems but rather they want to be around someone who has a great life she loves.  They need to view you as having something to offer them.  They need to see you as a good fit for them.  This means it’s a merging of two exciting lives, nothing more and nothing less.  When you take care of yourself then your man no longer views you as needy or an under-achiever.

What makes great chemistry is when you take time out of your life to enjoy time with him.  You are excited and happy to see him and when you are with him, he is everything.  A woman who is happy, content, smiling and fun to be around is like a magnet for a man and he will want to be part of your life, not the other way around.  He needs to feel the desire to be around you more and more.

One note is that when you constantly text, call or chase after your man he loses that sight of you as an independent woman who is busy with her own life.  He may start to view you as bored, lonely and needy which is the ultimate turnoff.  Therefore, work on enhancing your own life and leave space for him to call you and come seek you out because he is curious what you have been up to lately. He needs to long for you.

Men love strength

Being strong is an important trait that men seek out in women.  They don’t want to feel like you are a melting, morphing, changing personality.  Do not be a moving target.  At the core they want to understand what you believe in, and they want to feel that you are solid in those beliefs.  If you are unshakable, then they can rely on you.  They know just where you stand.

Men want to be able to depend on a woman.  If you say you are going to be somewhere you are there, and if you say you are going to do something, you do it.  Furthermore, if you say that you believe in x, y or z, they know that you really mean it.  You aren’t going to change your mind later.  In this way you develop strong boundaries of what you will and will not accept in life and you become reliable.  He needs to understand parameters as that will help him lower his guard and trust you because he knows where you stand.

Men want it all

If you want to make your man fall in love and more importantly keep him close to your heart, work on your solid core.  You need to be strong, confident, independent and tons of fun to be around.  This is the kind of women a man can rely on, and at the same time he can have so much fun with her and enjoy life.  She covers both the fun aspect and the solid and strong aspect that he wants to rely on.  A woman who is confident, independent and strong while at the same time being fun to be around and can let out her wild side and laugh out loud, is the woman who he will be permanently drawn to.  Why? Because she offers the best of both worlds!

Women men love

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