What men want in women is to feel that they have a deep emotional connection with her.  Sharing your inner secrets with him can bring him closer and make him more emotionally connected.

An irresistible woman can make a man feel comfortable with her. She is open and willing to share her innermost secrets and this is incredibly charming to a man. A man wants to feel that you trust him and will turn to him to share joys and disappointments. If he feels like an outsider to you, your friends and your family circle, it will make him emotionally distant. Make sure to keep your man in the loop of your private thoughts and he will love you for it.  Make him feel as though he is an insider not an outsider.

What men want in women

Ladies, a man wants to be an insider with you. Men want to feel as though they are an insider with their women.  Believe it or not your man wants to be privy to your deepest secrets and needs. This type of closeness will make a man feel an emotional connection beyond just the physical. While men may lust after women they desire physically, they fall in true love with women they feel closely connected to.

To develop that deep emotional connection with him it is important to develop a genuine friendship with your man. The best way to do this is to let him in on some of your secrets. Don’t overwhelm him with the details of your day to day life, but do let him in on your dreams and desires in general. It can be frustrating for men when they just get a play by play of your daily routine but don’t feel a deeper bond than that. Share your intimate secrets, thoughts, desires, and feelings with your man and not just your girlfriends.

Men don’t want to feel that you tell your family and girlfriends everything, while saving your only your angry venting for them. Men may project an image of disinterest in many of the more mundane events in your life, but the truth is a man does want to feel like an insider. He wants to feel that you are the one he turns to when its time to share hopes and dreams and even disappointments. Sharing with your man is going to make him feel like your best friend. This does not mean you should bombard your man with a full accounting of everything minuscule that happened in your day. That’s not productive because it leaves no mystery. It’s more about showing that you can develop a special friendship with your man by regularly engaging him in “deeper” conversations. Believe it or not men can be timid to talk to other men about their feelings and having a woman to talk to about such things is a plus.

Men find it charming when they feel like they are an insider with their woman. This means share your hopes, dreams and passions and have personal private jokes and secrets you share with him. Encourage and engage your man in enjoyable conversations where you talk about personal thoughts and feelings. If you can persuade him to share his thoughts and feelings with you then you know that you are drawing him closer. Share your inner secrets and you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that he shares his as well.

Men secretly want to feel like an insider

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