Never let lonliness drive you back into the arms of someone you don’t belong with.

If you want to find the perfect person for a relationship you must be open to meeting them. Sometimes you want to be in any relationship so badly that you stay in a toxic relationship too long.

You rationalize that this is the only opportunity for you so you accept less than perfect treatment. You are scared to be alone and despise feeling lonely so you run back into the arms of someone you know you don’t belong with.

Should you go back to a past relationship

Only in the case of marriage where children are involved should you consider staying with someone you know is not right for you, and even then it should be when both people are committed to improving the relationship for the better and for the sake of family.  Obviously an abusive relationship is unhealthy and you should never go back with someone that hurts you. Don’t go back into the arms of an ex-lover unless the good aspects of the relationship greatly outweigh the bad aspects of the relationship.

Never go back quickly, on a whim, because of feeling lonely or without demanding positive changes because the odds are the relationship will quickly sink back to its low point.  Take time before going back to ensure that both of your have reflected and are committed to making things work.

Be single and open to meeting someone new

Being single can be very lonely yet if you need to move on from the wrong person sometimes this is necessary to clear out your mind.  It may take some times to meet someone new so expect a long process and resolve yourself to it.  This is a time to work on yourself and develop hobbies, friends and interests that all together make you more attractive to men. Even though it is so difficult to come across the right people in the singles department, eventually you will meet someone new.

If you find yourself single then this is an opportunity to work on your appearance and your personality.  Become as gorgeous as you dream.  It is a chance to better yourself and make yourself even more attractive so that when the right person comes along you will be ready to get into a relationship that is healthy and exciting.  Just remember that in order to move on, you have to move on.  Dwelling on relationships that did not work out or running back because you are lonely will only hinder your ability to move forward.  Take a dance or exercise class to reinvigorate your body. 

You have to move forward and be on your own for a little while in order to meet the next person.  Don’t be jealous of other relationships around you because you are always just one person way from being in a relationship yourself.  All it takes is meeting one special person and you will.  Have patience and don’t act out of loneliness or desperation.  Work on your clothing, makeup, attitude and body to turn yourself into the foxy lady that you aspire to be.

Self respect will earn you a better relationship

To be your most attractive you need to have a solid core, self respect, good boundaries, and a willingness to hold out for the right person. Take time before getting involved with someone new and give going back to someone from your past lengthy consideration before doing so. Don’t go with someone merely because it is better than being alone as it won’t give you the fulfillment you deserve.  Don’t ignore and push aside red flags for the sake of wanting to be in a relationship because these instinctual warnings will inevitably come back to haunt you later.  Always trust your instincts and intuition.

Women who expect and demand to be treated well generally are the ones who are treated well. The reason being they will not tolerate poor treatment and will not return to poor treatment either. Be strong and never let loneliness drive you back into the arms of someone you know you don’t belong with. You want and deserve a relationship where this is passion, good chemistry, and overall compatibility. Never stay with a man who treats you poorly or refuses to be monogamous.


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