A study on desirable personality traits from Penn State University showed that being playful and having a great sense of humor are traits that men universally love in women.  However, the are three more important key traits that men seek when looking for a serious relationship.  These traits are being physically attractive, being healthy and also having good heredity.  These three top traits men desired might be because they have a subconscious desire to mate and have children. 

Men want a woman who is physically attractive

The good news is that the trait men look for which is physical attractiveness is something that you can work on and change.  If you want to be at your all-time high in terms of your attractiveness to men, work on your physical appearance.  Learn how to apply natural looking makeup by visiting the cosmetic counters and trying different looks that work.  You can test out the effect by trying a certain look for a while.  On top of makeup you can focus on your hair color.  Hair color should be an aesthetically pleasing match to your natural skin tone.  No matter how tempting it is to do a drastic color change, try colors close to your natural hair color for the most soothing result.   Taking the time to foster a sexy hair and makeup look can really increase your wow-factor with men.  Some women are naturally physically attractive and others have to work at a bit, so don’t get discouraged just invest a bit of time and effort into your physical appearance.

Men want a woman who is healthy

You can’t help it if you were born with a disease or acquired an illness or physical limitation.  But you can control how healthy you are.  To be your utmost healthiest and maximize your man-magnet capability get healthier!  This means a two-fold approach of eating healthy food as well as getting physical exercise.  If you are low in energy, or look washed out and drained because your diet lacks the proper energizing nutrients, you need to stop.  Get on a health kick and start eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and less of the red meat and fried fatty foods.  Get your gym membership going or take long walks several days a week to get into better health.  Drop bad habits such as smoking or sun-tanning which should help get your hair, skin and nails into their best shape.

Good genetics

Being born with and blessed with good genetics is something you can’t control so much.  Good genetics as a desirable trait could mean you are naturally beautiful or it could merely refer to your age even.  You can’t control genetics but you can optimize and make the most of what you have.  Take care of yourself and you could even visit a plastic surgeon once or twice as you start to get a bit older in order to freshen up your looks.  Another secret way to increase your genetic desirability is to date men who are close to your age or a tad bit older even.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Obviously, if you are 40 and dating a 25-year-old, you won’t have the core genetics a young man is looking for as he might be wanting a family down the road. 

While you can’t chance the genetic code you were given, you can make the most out of your physical appearance and health, and select men that are appropriate for you.  If you are 40 then a 45-year-old man might think your genetics are better than a man a decade younger than you.  It’s not to say you can’t go after what you want, it just means a smart woman adjusts her expectations to be realistic so that she stands a fair chance of being genetically desirable to the men she dates seriously.

Top traits men look for in women

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