Do you want to seduce him and make him love you forever?  Here is a tip for women that they most often know about, yet so often forget about.  Wear lingerie!  Men love women who can put on the girl and dress sexy.  You needn’t do this all the time, but on special occasions or just for a surprise, your man will love this.  Get out of those sweats every now and then and surprise him with something new!

Men love a woman who is adventurous and sexy

This sexy black chinlon and spandex teddy with a red butterfly is so playful and fun.  It smacks of adventure and that is something that men love.  I found this teddy on Dressilyme.   They specialize in special occasion wear, apparel, sexy lingerie and even wigs.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on lingerie.  It’s more about the attitude and sense of adventure.

Be playful and classy with a little hint of naughty

If you feel like your man is losing interest then spice it up! Tell him you are looking for some sexy lingerie and get his interest up.  Then shop for something adventurous.  You can try a gown, robe, garter belts, panties, teddies, chemises, camisoles, bra and bra sets, or baby dolls.  Black is always a safe color.  Go for classy with a hint of naughty, not trashy.

Men are just obsessed with lingerie.  They just adore a woman who will indulge them.  A woman who can let go and enter into a playful fantasy world with them is an exciting romantic partner.  The concept is much like recess in elementary school.  Men want to get out there and play in the bedroom too.  Men love a woman who can inspire a fantasy and is able to get into their private mindspace and do playtime with them. 

Seduce and reward a loyal beau with lingerie

Reserve sexy lingerie for the man that is deserving of it.  He should be your boyfriend, and seeing you exclusively.  You need a man you can trust.  This is the reward for his loyalty. Once you have that, you can let go and free your mind to have playful fun with him.



Try this seduction tip. It’s anticipation. The goal of this game is to drag him through the process of knowing you are going to wear something sexy with slow anticipation. Let him know that something good is going to happen then make him wait for it.

Tell him you are buying a special lingerie and drag it out a bit to get his mind waiting for your reveal.  Men love to be teased.  Make him wait through the shopping process and tell him how you are going to dress up sexy for him.  Talk to him about it. The anticipation will seduce him as much as the actual outfit.  Men love to have their minds played with in a fun game of sexy cat and mouse.

Men love lingerie

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