You can seduce him with sexy clothes and romantic gestures, but almost all men will only end up committing to women who also have great personalities.  Men want a woman with a great personality.  You must seduce him with your personality just as much as your looks, in order to keep him after you catch him.  Here are a few personality traits to develop that will help you not just seduce him physically but seduce him emotionally as well.

Seduce him with your charm and personality

The way you hold yourself means every thing to a man.  Act like a lady at all times.  That means no cursing, smoking, loud or obnoxious raucous behavior.   A women’s demeanor means so much more to a man than they realize.  He is not just looking for a body.  He needs someone to take around his family, his job, his friends.  You must have a presentable demeanor at all times. 

If he asks himself oh no what will she do if I bring her here or there, then you are failing at your charm.  If he is not proud to have you on his arm in any social situation, then your seduction skills need work.  Focus on nurturing yourself into a more charming demeanor.  This may mean taking up activities that reduce stress since stress can lead to rude behavior.  A charming pleasant demeanor will go a long way towards seducing a man and even make him fall in love with you.

Seduce him with your self confidence

Men want a woman that is genuine and not afraid to be herself.  You must not walk on egg shells being scared to speak your truth.  For example, if you are looking for a relationship there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Why hide your real goals and pretend that you are okay with a casual relationship when in fact you are not okay with it.  Live your own truth and a man will be seduced by your confident personality.  You have to develop a strong sense of your own identity and be confident to show off who you are.  If you like yourself, so will he.

Seduce him with your imagination

Don’t lose sight of  your creative side, as men are completely seduced by this.  Women who have creative interests a veritable magnets to men.  Whether you are into yoga, dancing, cooking or theater, keep your interests exciting and varied.  Take classes or learn how to do something unique and keep at those lessons.  Even having a collection or a hobby is great for the imagination. 

Have dreams and goals for what you want out of life as this will be endearing to him and magnetize him to you.   Be interested in abstract things that require a imagination a playful imaginative spirit.  Be careful not to get lost in the never-ending boring conversation cycle of work, errands, and responsibilities. 

Even in a phone call with him, or on a picnic or a bike ride, you need to be able to rise above the mundane and be able to have an interesting light conversation.  Be open to talk about various topics, not just the same old nuts and bolts of your life.  It is both soothing and seductive for a man to spend the day with a woman where daily concerns and stressful situations are not part of the days conversation.

Even corny little hobbies can be attractive.  For example if you read romance books or have a certain way of relaxing and unwinding.  You can seduce him by keeping your relationship exciting.  Engage in your creative side.  Men like to forget about their worries and focus on womanly things like that cheesecake recipe you happen to be trying out. 

If you like to go to certain shows or concerts then buy tickets and go.  Join a few clubs and attend the meetings.   Take a class.  Learn how to dance or take up a fun sport or get into photography, even make crafts.  Make a romantic bubble bath or read a book in the shade. When you engage in your creative side a man becomes interested.  Feminine interests are seductive to men and some women just don’t realize this.

Seduce him with your fun side

A man loves a girl that knows how to have fun.  On the recent ABC Bachelor the bachelor Sean admitted that he did not pick Ashley because he felt like he couldn’t giggle and laugh and be goofy with her.  She was just a little too serious about finding the love of her life and in doing so she lost some of her playful exuberance that the younger girls had.

Playful exuberance is a wonderful trait to have and it is ageless.  Be a woman that has a good sense of silly humor and don’t be afraid to laugh and play.  In the bedroom men love a playful woman but some women don’t realize that this playful attitude is important outside the bedroom as well.  If you can have a good time on your date and release yourself into the fun zone, he will be seduced into your personality.  If you have a good personality he will feel happy and comfortable around you and therefore want to spend more and more time with you.

Seduce him with your honesty

Men are seduced by a woman with an honest personality.  A man will want to sleep with any attractive woman but he will never commit to a woman he feels he can’t trust.  He needs to know you have his back and when you communicate with him he needs to feel like you speak your truth.  Men don’t guess well about what you are thinking so a woman who can appreciate him as well as let him know what she is feeling is going to reign supreme. 

Mind games may work to attract him at first but seduction includes making him fall in love with you and stay there.  To do that, you need to be honest about what you want and need.  A man will not commit to a woman that he cannot trust because it is too risky for him.  He does not want to make a mistake.  If the trust is not there, he will not commit.

Seduce him with your personality

If you want to seduce a man physically then it is all about your looks and you can have casual physical relationships all day long.  Most women however, when they think of seduction are interested in not just catching him but keeping him.  In order to keep him, you need to have a great personality. 

Modifying your personality is a little more complicated than choosing a sexy outfit but its incredibly important and must be done to seduce him into falling in love with you.  Physical relationships are great but even a relationship with great chemistry will fail eventually if there is not s shining personality to go along with the package.

If you take an honest look at who you are and how you are acting, that is a first step.  Nurture your charm, your fun side, your imagination, your playfulness, and be honest with him.  If you are able to recognize faults and actually change and grow, you’ll be a woman he wants to grow with to.  To catch him and keep him you need to seduce him with your looks and keep him with your personality.  Once you understand that your personality plays a critical role in seduction, you are one step closer to getting what you want in your love life.

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