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This blog is about seduction and free dating tips just for women.  It is about making yourself stand apart in the competitive singles world, and also how to keep your man attracted to you once you have him.  It is filled with anecdotes and a collection of well understood physical and emotional traits that men are attracted to. If you are dating and part of the competitive online singles dating, this blog should refresh you with many articles on how to make yourself stand apart from the crowd both physically and emotionally. You’ll be able to read dating tips about everything from classic looks that men love on women to character traits that men adore in women.

So what is the meaning of seduction? In the context of women who are single and Internet dating, it means that you attract men to you with ease. You have a certain draw that gets men into you and also keeps them into you. It’s not just about sexual seduction of a man, it’s about being emotionally attractive to a man as well.   Sexual attraction gets him interested but it’s emotional attraction that keeps him interested. If you’re already in a relationship, learning to be a sexy seductress can keep the tension and excitement in your relationship alive, and help prevent your man from becoming bored or worse yet led astray.

The definition of seduction is this:

Seduction is the action of seducing someone. A seductive woman is a tempting, attractive thing to men.

…and seduction refers the ability to naturally attract men, synonyms for seduction are:

temptation – enticement – allurement – lure – attraction.

There are certain character traits in women that men just adore.  There’s been many a psychology article and dating books written on how to catch and then keep your man. This blog collects many of the common anecdotes and dating tips for women into one easy and free blog read. From fashion and outfits that men notoriously love, to behavior traits and personality quirks that drive men crazy with desire, it’s going to be here on Seduction Meaning.   To continue reading the Seduction Meaning blog filled with dating tips and secrets of attracting men just for women, go to Seduction Meaning to start reading.  Don’t worry these dating tips are fun, free, and entertaining.  Brought to you by beauty expert Patty Pasadena, author of a dozen beauty blogs on the net.  Have fun!

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